“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” John F. Kennedy

Drake University offers an undergraduate, interdisciplinary Concentration in Leadership Education and Development open to all students from any academic major. For more information than what is presented below, please visit the Course Catalog.


Drake University undergraduate students will make significant contributions to their university and their communities of involvement by developing and exemplifying ethical leadership.

Leadership Concentration

Designation/Course No.TitleCredits
LEAD 001:Foundations of Leadership1
LEAD 050:Leadership: Theory to Practices3
LEAD 060:Leadership Experience1
Prerequisite or taken concurrently with LEAD 50
LEAD 100:Leadership: Influence and Change3
Prerequisite: LEAD 50
LEAD 190:Capstone Practicum with Reflection3
Prerequisite: LEAD 100
Engaged Citizen (Area of Inquiry)*3
Ethics or Global elective*3
Leadership elective*3
Total  20
LEAD 199Special Topics1-3
* courses are flagged each term and listed on LEAD website