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Program Highlights

Program Highlights

Strong Practical Orientation The program curriculum is centered on the proper blend of best-practice applications and theoretical understanding, and is taught by full-time faculty and experienced practitioners. Classes are highly practical and interactive, following adult learning best practices. Students are easily able to apply what they learn in class at work.  

Convenient Scheduling Classes are offered on weekends (Friday evening and Saturday). Students can begin taking courses in fall, spring or summer. Students may move through the program at their pace, selecting one or two courses per semester.

Customization Students may choose to complete one or two program emphases (Human Resource Development / Training & Development, Human Resource Management, and Higher Education).  Students who chose the Multidisciplinary option work with their advisors to select up to 12 credit hours of graduate coursework in areas such as Counseling, Education, Business/Public Administration, and Mass Communication.  

Structured For Affordability This degree program offers monthly payment options or the ability to defer the percent of tuition paid by your company until you receive your grades.

The core program includes 24 hours of coursework on 21st century leadership competencies in three areas:

  • PERSONAL MASTERY COMPETENCIES include adaptability, critical thinking and decision making, integrity and ethics, professionalism, and results orientation
  • RELATIONAL COMPETENCIES include developing and coaching others, effective communications, inspiring and involving others, intercultural / global intelligence, and interpersonal relationships
  • STRATEGIC COMPETENCIES include leading culture change, future/strategic thinking, and business acumen

Click here to see the definitions of the MSLD Competencies.