Leadership Opportunities

Lila and Richard Sussman Fall Leadership Workshop

This program is a daylong leadership development workshop for current student leaders. This workshop allows for an exchange of ideas and coalition building among student organizations. The workshop sessions are taught by current student leaders and Adams Academy graduates. They offer concrete suggestions and their own personal experiences on how to better their organizations. Topics for the workshop may include:

  • Programming
  • Faculty Student Relations
  • Publicity
  • Recruiting and Retaining New Members
  • Leadership Styles
  • Collaboration among Groups
  • SFAC Budget Paperwork
  • Transition of Officers and Organizational Memories
  • Mentoring Young Members to be Leaders
  • Round Table Discussion on organizational issues
  • Student Media Publicity
  • Ice Breakers and Team Builders
  • Running an Effective Meeting


Lila and Richard Sussman Spring Leadership Conference

This daylong conference attracts over a hundred current and prospective student leaders and features Drake alumni from around the globe, sharing their perspectives on campus, career and community leadership. Topics for this conference have included:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Vision Statements
  • Self-Esteem
  • Integrity
  • Building an Inclusive Community
  • Leadership in Your Community
  • International Career Opportunities
  • Using Your Leadership Skills for Law and Medical Schools
  • Impact of Decision Making on Others
  • Strategic Planning for a Successful Career
  • Mediation: The Win-Win Situation
  • Leadership: The Art of Working with People
  • Life After Drake


Senior Reflections

Senior Reflections provides the senior leaders with the opportunity to reflect upon their leadership roles at Drake and how they have impacted their life. Graduating seniors will identify their leadership skills and potential as they prepare to transition for life after Drake.


Florence Myers Wallace Leadership Lunch

The leadership lunch includes student leaders participating in round table dinner discussions with faculty, administrators and members of Drake's Board of Trustees. The purpose of the lunch is to promote informal and candid conversations with student leaders about their Drake experience and how it might be improved.

This lunch is named after Florence Myers Wallace, a member of the Board of Trustees when Dr. Adams arrived on the Drake campus. Through her suggestion of letting the student voices be heard, these dinners with the trustees have continued.

The Florence Myers Wallace lunch is supported by her grandchildren: Thomas Henderson (LA '77, LW '80) and Nan Horvat (LW '81), Bill (AS '82) and Kathy (BN '83) Henderson, and Timothy Gesiriech and Mary Henderson Gesiriech (BS '91).


University News
January 28, 2015
Greg Johansen, PH'76, of West Des Moines has been elected to the Drake University Board of Trustees.