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Eduardo Tamez

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News-Internet and English Double Major
Monterrey, Mexico

As a senior in Drake’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, you complete a capstone project that is supposed to pull together all the skills you’ve learned—and that’s exactly what my capstone did.

For my project, I served as managing editor of Think, a news magazine produced entirely by students. Together, we created everything about the magazine, from its look to its editorial focus, which is the economic forces at work in a city in eastern Iowa, and how the people there are adapting to them. It’s a fascinating story.

As managing editor, I was in charge of the deadlines, the budget, and all the logistics, but really everybody on the team was involved in every part of putting out the magazine, both in print and online.

Working on Think made me realize how much I’ve learned these four years, from great classes and from three internships: one writing and doing TV and radio production with Iowa Sports Spotlight magazine, one in social media with the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy, and one in web marketing with Guide One Insurance. When I put all these experiences together, they add up to a pretty impressive resume. I’m also proud to say that Think won first place in a national student magazine contest. 

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