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Eric Williams

West Des Moines, Iowa
Health Sciences major

My Drake Top 3

1. Playing Division I soccer as a student-athlete
I love the fun of competing for a Division I team, of earning something through hard work on the field. But I also hope to attend medical school, and the entire athletics department—from my coach and teammates to athletic trainers and members of other teams—are there to support me.

2. Studying in Mexico
Between practice, games, class, and studying, I never thought I would get the chance to travel or study abroad. But earlier this year, my team and the women’s soccer team traveled to Mexico for a January Term course in globalization.

On a typical day, we would practice for a couple hours or play a game against a local outfit. Soccer was the universal language between our team and the locals—afterward both teams would come together and hug and talk. We would then have class on the Monterrey Tec campus with two Drake international business professors. One of the most powerful days for me was when a guest lecturer discussed shelters where immigrants from South America are housed temporarily while they try to reach the United States. It was eye opening to see a side of Mexico beyond the vacation destinations.

3. Meeting my best friends
I have a great relationship with everybody on our team and live with three of my teammates and best friends. It’s great to walk around campus and see so many people you know—I feel part of a community.

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