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Nate Bleadorn

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Marketing and Management Double Major
Waverly, Iowa

Maybe you’ve heard of the Warrior Dash or the Firefly Music Festival (this year featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers). Well, after I graduate this month, I’ll be working with the company that organizes these nationally known events, Red Frog Events in Chicago. I was offered the job back in September at the beginning of my senior year—a feat I couldn’t have imagined back when I first came to Drake. But after all my amazing experiences and the skills I’ve obtained as a Bulldog, I’m confident in my readiness to take on this opportunity.

When I look back at my time here, it’s hard to pick just one experience or memory that stands out from the rest. I’m graduating with three internships under my belt—at Best Buy, Red Frog Productions, and a hosiery company in China. I’ve been involved with several student organizations like student senate, the executive council of my residence hall, Donald V. Adams Leadership Institute, Emerging Leaders Program, and the American Marketing Association (to name a few).

All of these experiences have prepared me for the future. But one of the best aspects of my time at Drake is that I’ve been surrounded by a stellar caliber of people—students who shared my passion for whatever we were working on. That positive environment helped me build my skills and confidence and strengthened my ability to work with others, so I’m prepared for whatever comes my way in the “real world.”

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