The Griff Bio

Griff is a “finished champion” in the show dog circuit, but his career in the spotlight is far from over. He’s primed for new limelight as Drake’s furry ambassador. 

When Live Mascot Director Erin Bell began her search for Drake’s next live mascot, Bell—caretaker of the legendary Porterhouse with her husband, Kevin, LW’11—reached out to friends and professionals in the bulldog network (yep, there is one), describing the qualities of a Drake Bulldog. Griff fit the bill perfectly, and found his forever home at Drake University.

Griff adores people and can never get enough attention. He has an insatiable appetite (though recently he’s been on a diet), and he loves to take long naps—punctuated by moments of mischief. He loves to roll in the dirt, especially after he’s taken a bath. But most importantly he’s tough, fun-loving, loyal, and caring… everything a Bulldog needs to stand out at athletic events, campus celebrations, and community festivals.

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September 29, 2016
The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University has named teenager Hank Bohling of Greenfield, Iowa the recipient of the 2016 Aaron Eilert’s Community Service Award.