Your advice for the class of 2015

Dozens of you offered your advice via Facebook:

Meganne Wilson Masko – Participate in as many activities as possible while still getting your homework done.

Holly Worthy – Network and connect in the community before it’s time to look for a job. Get to know Des Moines!

Meagan Savage – leave your doors open when you’re hanging out in the res halls so you can meet people

Shannon Brady – Enjoy every minute, time flies too fast! Take part in as many campus activities that you possibly can :)

Tasha Wells – Get involved, learn a lot, and cherish every moment.

Beth Younger – Get enough sleep, do ALL your reading. :)

Cara Pratt – Plan ahead so that you can STUDY ABROAD! :)

Elizabeth-Betsy Litman – Go to class. You will barely need to study for any exam if you show up to class and stay awake the whole way through.

Carrie Marling Bankes – Act like the person you want to BE.

Chad Swyres – Go to every class and come prepared. Do all of your reading and homework and your academic life will be so much easier. I learned that lesson the hard way!

Amanda Byrne Joslin – Make sure to STUDY ABROAD! And get involved– rush, even if you don’t think Greek life is for you, you never know and you will meet the most Amazing people.

Christen Bain – even if you don’t think you need help, go see your professors. develop a good relationship with them-it will pay off in additional knowledge and contacts for the future.

Steve Greenberg – Enjoy the RIDE… These next four years go by FAST!

Julie Ann Marra – Never be afraid to try something new or different than what you’re used to.

Bertha Cerda – Give each class your best, you never know where life will lead you.

Tory Thaemert – Get involved. Get really involved. Make it count and get outside of your comfort zone.

Sarah Hall – J School students: Write for the TD, Drake Mag, and anything else you can find. Getting involved your first year will set you apart for internships and give you an automatic social/networking group.

Michele Duschen – Don’t freak out. About anything.

Erika Schrader – Go to meals with your floormates! Get to know your professors and ask for help right away if you need it. Take classes that sincerely interest you, get involved with clubs/organizations. Study abroad!

Jenna Buzzacco-Foerster
**Take a class with Woodward if you can.
**Try to score a private room in the basement of Cowles Library to study.
** Know that the person you live with your first year may turn into your best friend or your least favorite person by the end of the year. But also know some of the people you meet this week will be life long friends who will some day send you an e-mail telling you about how they stepped on the Director of Health and Human Services foot during a wedding.
**Pay attention to the people who offer you advice. They have the potential to help you do amazing things some day.

Martha White Kelley – Never give up! Don’t quit! Getting a degree is the best investment you will ever make!

Shawna Kasner-Hannam – Getting a DRAKE degree is the best investment you will ever make! :-)

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