Two more great places to find peace and quiet

Howard Hall bench

Anchoring the vast lawn south of Howard Hall, this bench is an escape from the indoors. Marked with a message of honor to Dean and Sue Wright from the Midwest Sociological Society, the bench’s slender slats open onto a view of oaks and elms, many of which were here before George Carpenter.  Although the bench is in an open space, it may be the most private of the great places to find peace and quiet; it seats just three.

Olmsted Center Mezzanine

It’s almost like an eagle’s nest tucked into the very top of the Olmsted Center.  Above the coffee shop, pool tables and Parents Hall sits the mezzanine, a great place to find peace and quiet. Artfully speckled with cushy chairs and softly lit by large, circular, windows, this room — a loft, really — is a popular hideaway for the studious and the sleepy.

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