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Announcing the winners of our 2011 Study Abroad Photo Contest

Drake University offers more than 200 study abroad opportunities in more than 70 countries. Invariably, students come away from these experiences with lifelong memories and captivating images.

Drake’s study abroad program hosted its annual photo contest via Facebook this year. Students who studied abroad during the fall 2010, spring 2011 or summer 2011 semester had the option of entering one photo in any number of six categories: architecture, people, culture, Drake students, most unique and places. Then, members of the Drake community and the public voted for their favorites in each category.

To learn more about studying abroad at Drake University, visit http://www.drake.edu/international/study-abroad/ or contact Jen Hogan at 515-271-3073 or jen.hogan@drake.edu.

This year’s best photos, as voted by students, faculty and friends, are:
(Click on a photo to view it larger.)

“Transfiguration Church”
Kizhi, Russia – Summer 2011
From the photographer: “The churches at Kizhi are the only structures on a small island in the northeast corner of Lake Onega. The 18th century Church of Transfiguration with its 22 domes and functioning bell tower was built entirely of interlocking wood pieces, without a single nail. “ – Mariah Marconi, junior, writing major.

PEOPLE (two-way tie)
“Clay Pot Factory”
Bahla, Oman – Spring 2011
From the photographer: “As part of our excursion, we were ‘dropped off’ in the city of Bahla, Oman to find out the meaning of the city’s name. I, along with three other members of my group, found two men, who were brothers, making clay pots by hand. It turned out that the family of these two men had owned this clay pot factory for over 300 years (it may have been more, but my numbers in Arabic are fuzzy).” – Amina Kader, senior, international relations major.

PEOPLE (two-way tie)
“Italian Man Dressed as the Joker”
Venice, Italy – Spring 2011
From the photographer: “I captured this photo in the heart of Venice during their internationally renowned celebration, Carnival. I was fascinated with the extravagance and creativity that many of the customs embodied.” – Abby Silverman, senior, graphic design and creative advertising double major.

“Dolmus and Political Party Flags”
Istanbul, Turkey – Spring 2011
From the photographer: “I spent a lot of time in this little town on the edge of Istanbul. However, it was not until the end of my trip that I realized that I had taken hundreds of pictures of my far-away adventures, but perhaps I was taking for granted that which I encountered on a weekly basis. I snapped this photo as the sun set. I liked it because it represented what Turks encounter daily: traffic, vendors, and political messages.” – Noelle Smith, junior, broadcast news and politics major.

“Children from Rural Village”
Uganda ‑ Summer 2011
From the photographer: “The people of this rural village live completely different lives from what we are used to in the United States. It was amazing to see how happy they were despite their life in poverty. The most fascinating realization of the day was that the children had no way of looking at themselves without mirrors, cameras, or computers. They loved getting their pictures taken because they wanted to see what they looked like, and we enjoyed seeing them smile.” – Evelyn Lashley, sophomore, secondary education and English double major.

“Asante in Afransie Village”
Ghana – Spring 2011
From the photographer: “This photo is of Asante, the 4-year old boy I sponsor in Ghana. I met him while staying in a small village named Afransie. Meeting him was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.” – Grace Kerr, junior, public relations major.

“Neuschwanstein Castle”
Hohenschwangau, Germany – Spring 2011
From the photographer: “My first memory of learning German – in kindergarten ‑ was staring at a poster of the Neuschwanstein castle. I always knew that I wanted to study abroad in Germany and that I wanted to visit the castle. When I arrived more than 12 years later, I searched for that specific view depicted on the poster. I found the view from Mary’s Bridge – a bridge that’s suspended between two cliffs and terrifying to anyone who’s afraid of heights. It felt like I had a view that only the birds would get to experience.” – Lauren Ehrler, junior, broadcast news major.

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