How to sing “The D Song”

Do you know “The ‘D’ Song”? It’s one of the University’s oldest songs and has been played and sung at hundreds of sporting events since the early 20th century.

Its long history extends back to the World War I Army barracks, where an Army song leader, once a Drake Glee Club singer, was known to strike up “The ‘D’ Song” among the soldiers.

The song’s unknown author gave it the original title of “Here’s to the Man Who Wears the ‘D.’” However, the song’s title was simplified to “The ‘D’ Song” and the lyrics were changed from using “man” to “one” to make the song more politically correct.

In the midst of football season, now is the perfect time to learn the century-old lyrics.

D songHere’s to the one who wears the “D,”
Makes a good fight for varsity,
Here’s to those who’ve fought and won,
Made a good fight as a true Drake alum,
Here’s to the one who’s brave and bold,
Ready to battle like days of old,
Fights like a Bulldog for victory,
Oh, here’s to the one who wears the “D.”

—Erin Donegan, Class of 2014

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