Top Five Creepiest Places on Campus

Drake has more than its share of spooky spots and creepy corners. Here are five that will send the most shivers up your spine this Halloween season:

1. Oreon Scott Chapel While architecturally beautiful, the chapel’s compact circular design and the sunlit altar ringed by high- back chairs inspire more cases of the heebie-jeebies than perhaps any other spot on campus.

2. The old library stacks  A trip up the tight spiral staircase in the no-man’s-land of the stacks between the well-lit and more frequented areas of Cowles Library can definitely leave one feeling spooked—and eager to return to more populated areas.

3. Morehouse Observatory Though not located on campus, the observatory is a Drake building and home to the earthly remains of Daniel Morehouse and his wife. Both are rumored to haunt the building and occasionally make corrections in the observatory’s log.

4. Herriott Hall Reports of mysterious voices and showers that turn on and off by themselves prompted paranormal detectives to investigate the building in 2008. The team saw objects moving without assistance, witnessed apparitions, and heard disembodied noises throughout the night.

5. The bell ringer’s staircase in Old Main The ghosts of Drake past are obvious in the stairs worn thin and rickety from years of use before the bell went silent. The small room, though locked and no longer in use, is also home to the signatures of many visitors dating from the early 20th century to current times.

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