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Lindsay Whorton

Lindsay Whorton, AS'09, ED'09, Rhodes Scholar, Fulbright recipient, trustee

Lindsay Whorton, AS’09, ED’09, Rhodes Scholar, Fulbright recipient, trustee

Former Drake women’s basketball standout and present Drake University Board of Trustees member Lindsay Whorton recently concluded her time as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University. Her academic ambitions have taken her to Finland for a year, where, with the help of a Fulbright grant, she is pursuing a doctorate in education and labor relations. Drake Blue magazine caught up with the globetrotting Bulldog while she was still in England.

I am currently a student for life. I am looking forward to coming down from the ivory tower soon and bringing theory to practice.

My passion now is to try to learn as much as I can to maximize the opportunities that I have been given. Ultimately, I hope to contribute to improving the educational opportunities of American students.

I’d like to impact the lives of students whose sense of what’s possible is limited by the quality of education they have received.

Being at Oxford has changed my life. It is certainly a magical place, but it is the people who have impacted me deeply. I have had the privilege of living in a community of young, passionate people who truly inspire me. They have convinced me that more is possible, and their lives challenge me to use what I have been given in service of others.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Northern Lights in Finland. I am excited about experiencing a new culture and trying to understand a world-leading education system. I might be nervous about the cold winter months, but I have a serious winter coat, so I think I’m ready to go!

Drake taught me to make the most of the opportunities that you have been given, cherish the people in your life, and to set high goals. Even when I fell short of the mark—on the court or off—I learned and grew more than I would have otherwise.

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