Residence Hall Gourmet

For many college students, catching a meal outside the dining hall means eating on a budget. Drake students are no exception. But life beyond Hubbell needn’t be defined by ramen and instant oatmeal. Drake uses the photo sharing website Pinterest to share easy-to-make, low-cost recipes that will bring a taste of home into the residence hall experience.

These recipes are so delicious you’ll want to keep them after you graduate. Many can be made with only a microwave, while others require chefs to reserve the residence hall kitchen. Drake’s Pinterest board, “Out of Bulldog Bucks?” features:

  • Healthy snacks like make-your-own goldfish crackers, single-serving blueberry muffins, and strawberry/cream cheese sandwiches
  • Comfort foods like tomato soup mac and cheese, cinnamon swirl pancakes, pita pizzas, and bacon-cheddar mashed potatoes
  • Breakfast items like pancake cupcakes, fruit bruschetta, and French toast bites
  • Creative dishes like make-at-home falafel, microwave ratatouille, and scallion pancakes,
  • Cold drinks including blue raspberry lemonade slush and strawberry smoothies
  • Desserts – too many to list!”

Drake University’s Pinterest presence is curated by students. In addition to recipes there are collections of eye-catching blue attire, tips for sporting your Drake pride in the office, more than 100 cute bulldogs, and many other surprises.

And yes, in true college fashion, you’ll also find more than 100 variations on ramen noodles.


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