The Science of Porterhouse

As anyone who’s ever met Porterhouse can attest, he’s a bundle of awesomeness. But there’s more to this loveable Bulldog (and all of his far-flung relatives) than one might expect. Here are a few interesting facts about our beloved mascot:


  1. A full-grown English bulldog can stand 12–16 inches tall at the shoulder and, when fit, weigh up to 70 pounds.
  2. Bulldogs are unusually large-skulled (brachycephalic, to be technical) animals, which means the majority of them are born by cesarean section.
  3. Those adorable squashed-up faces make for very short nasal passages. This means hot air does not cool down sufficiently before it reaches the lungs, making heat a true enemy of the bulldog.
  4. A bulldog’s bite has been measured at up to 300 pounds per square inch (compared to a human bite at 120 PSI). Porterhouse, however, is much more likely to give you a friendly lick.
  5. While certainly not known for endurance running, the English bulldog can reach speeds up to almost 20 miles per hour over short distances. Though he’s pretty speedy on Drake’s basketball court, Porterhouse probably tops out quite a bit slower.
  6. A lifejacket is a must for bulldogs if they are near water. That giant head may be cute, but it also makes the bulldog ill-suited for swimming.
  7. Bulldogs are more likely than all other dog breeds to suffer from hip dysplasia, a condition resulting from abnormal joint structure in the hip. Porterhouse does not have this condition—he just enjoys stroller rides for the attention.
  8. When excited or playful, the bulldog wags its tail at an enthusiastic 350 miles per hour. (Okay, we made this one up, but it sure seems possible.)

Follow Porterhouse as he advocates for his bulldog brothers and sisters on his blog, Porterhouse’s Pet Project, and on Twitter @duporterhouse.

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