Major Commitment

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Juggling three majors, CBPA senior Shiv Morjaria prepares for his next act: a career after college.

Near the end of his junior year, Shiv Morjaria started to feel overwhelmed.

The characteristically unshakeable Drake student from Mombasa, Kenya, was preparing for a summer internship in New York and an actuarial exam that required hundreds of hours of study. In the fall he would continue a long-standing internship at an insurance company in Des Moines while assuming leadership positions in Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and the Order of Omega honor society.

Morjaria was also working part-time roles as student ambassador for the Office of Admission, where he introduces prospective students to Drake, and for the Office of Alumni and Development, where he helped advance the newly formed Student Alumni Association.

And at some point he had to attend classes and complete coursework.

So Morjaria made a tough decision: He’d trim one of his four areas of study. “I’m going to drop the math major,” says the senior with a tinge of regret.

Morjaria has become known at Drake for his exceptional dedication to scholarship, professional development, and the Drake community. With his remaining majors—actuarial science, finance, and information systems—he’ll be among fewer than a dozen students from each graduating class who even attempt to earn three majors.

As a first-year student, Morjaria earned the title of “Superman” from The Times-Delphic student newspaper after he overcame a serious health condition while maintaining a perfect 4.0 grade point average. He’s upheld those high academic marks every semester.

Much to his surprise, Morjaria has also become financially independent during his time at Drake. He never expected that he’d make it through college without asking his parents for cash—an accomplishment he chalks up to the support of the Drake community.

“I’ve never been to a place where people care about each other as much as they do at Drake,” he says. “Friends and professors have helped me with things that are well beyond the scope of what you’d expect—they’ve helped me with my tax returns, given me rides to where I need to go, and accommodated my schedule when I missed three weeks of class for job interviews in New York, Connecticut, Chicago, and Minneapolis.”

Despite dropping that fourth major, Morjaria says he’s feeling confident. “Everything the Drake business school does gears you toward being a professional in today’s workforce,” he emphasizes. “They’ve prepared me really, really well for a career after college.”

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