Virtually Speaking

What’s the coolest thing about the city in which you live? We posed that question to our far-reaching social media community, and here’s what some of our friends had to say:

It’s the perfect-size city, with the mountains and coast just 60 miles away and all the natural beauty one could ask for.
Alison Donin, AS’05, Portland, Ore.

No matter what you do professionally, you will have the chance to interact with industry superstars.
Erika Rae Owen, JO’13, New York

The world’s tallest building adds charm to the already beautiful skyline.
Firoz Ahmad, GR’00, Dubai, UAE

The smallest city with an NFL franchise. Lambeau Field dominates our skyline and our hearts.
Amy Zynda, PH’01, Green Bay, Wis.

Its name.
Hannah Rebhorn, Class of 2017, Sandwich, Ill.

Constantly discovering new things, especially as an outsider. Fantastic people here, too.
Hasan Hujairi, BN’03, Seoul, South Korea

Drake University is here!
Collin Stephens, Class of 2017, Des Moines

Online Extras:

Peaceful, friendly, simple. Maybe it’s the Amish and Mennonite influence.
Amy Spencer, JO’83, Kalona, Iowa

You don’t need a textbook to learn about Revolutionary history here; just go outside!
Hillary Yates DeMello, JO’88, Boston, Mass.

Arrested Development-themed Ultimate Frisbee leagues.
Cody Austin, AS’13, Denver, Colo.

No city taxes. No city rules. No zoning. Plenty of room. And Black Gold underneath!
Andrew Pietraszkiewicz, AS’78, McCoy, Texas

Philly cheesesteaks are by far the best thing.
Brendan Sheehy, BN’12, Philadelphia, Pa.

The coolest thing is not cool; it is WARM weather and access to beach.
Allan Schoenberger, BA’72, Bluffton, S.C.

It’s the last frontier and land of the midnight sun.
Janna Ruggles, BN’08, Anchorage, Ala.

The coolest thing about my city: Drake University!
Kathy Bowermaster, JO’84, Des Moines, Iowa

Great weather, affordable housing, a very progressive, dynamic business and political culture, strong in fine arts and, last but not least, one heckuva sports town. The number one destination for Millenials.
Doug Hock, JO’82, Denver, Colo.

The climate for doing business is excellent, with plentiful networking opportunities. Compared to other big cities, the cost of living here in a bustling neighborhood that has a lot of restaurants and entertainment options is a big plus. There are world-class museums, sports of every major kind, etc. And for a big city, some of the friendlier people you’ll meet, too.
Dan Gershenson, JO’95, Chicago, Ill.

We’re the Bicycle Capital of the Midwest. Kristin Hoelscher Lauver, JO’06, Redmond, Wash.

Atlanta Braves are moving to a new stadium to be built five miles from my house.
Denise Lobodinski, JO’78, Marietta, Ga.

The historic downtown square and our decorated light poles lining our main road.
Cora Davis, Class of 2015, Harlan, Iowa

There is such a wide variety of people from all over the world. It’s a great place to learn about different cultures. And on top of that, they have some of the best Latin food around!
Caitlin Angel, AS’13, Miami

We have everything a large city would offer, only in a smaller package. Love the sports, arts, and everything about this great city.
David Andrew, JO’74, Greensboro, N.C.

The wealth of opportunity for young and experienced professionals alike (although the bevy of amazing restaurants takes a close second). The growth of this city is unreal.
Megan Hirst, GR’12, Houston, Texas

An exceptionally well-designed roundabout intersecting CT routes 85 & 82. Who would think such an inane ‘ thing ‘ could make life behind the wheel so much easier?
Lee Fieseler, ED’74, Salem, Conn.

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