Reliving History

Thank you so much for featuring Professor Charles Nelson (“Where Are They Now,” Fall 2013, p. 7). He was one of my favorite teachers. I struggled with history in high school, and he made it easy to understand. I took a few courses with him, and my favorite was one focusing on the Wild West. His wife came in dressed as a cowboy and taught class one day.

Thanks for helping me relive some fond memories.

Robbie Melton, la’78, Alexandria, Va.

Reliving History, Part II

Thanks for your article on Professor Charles Nelson (“Where Are They Now,” Fall 2013, p. 7), one of the outstanding teachers I had while at Drake. I chose history as a minor during my years at the University, partly because of his inspirational teaching. My favorite course was his U.S. History of Westward Expansion, featuring the theories of Frederick Jackson Turner. It was one of the most interesting, and most challenging, courses for me at Drake. I also felt personally mentored, as I am sure other students did. And I continue to this day—due partly to his influence—a lifelong interest in how cultural narratives influence historical thought.

Mary Lee Morrison, la’69, Hartford, Conn.

Decoder, Please

We just received our Fall 2013 issue and enjoy reading it and keeping up with what is going on at Drake. I graduated in ’50 and my wife in ’51, so we are always looking to see what is happening with graduates who share those graduation dates. We find that we don’t know for sure which schools are represented by which set of initials.

Al, bn’50, and Barbara (Housh) Kersbergen, la’51, Asheville, N.C.

From the editor: In every issue of Drake Blue, readers can find a handy key for identifying Drake’s schools and colleges. Look for “Cracking the Class Code” at the end of “Drake Notes” (p. 56 in this current issue). 

Well-balanced, Drake!

I applaud Aaron W. Jaco on his well-researched and well-written piece (“What Does It Mean to Win?” Spring 2013, p. 22). I also applaud Drake for keeping its athletics programs in balance with academics. I wish this balance were the rule, not the exception (so it often seems).

—Ron Read, jo’66, Carmel Valley, Calif.


The Drake Blue staff was so focused on helping readers correctly pronounce the names of Drake’s new basketball coaches (“On the Spot,” Fall 2013, p. 6) that we unfortunately—and embarrassingly—misspelled them. Not once. Not twice. But three times. For the record, it’s Baranczyk and Giacoletti.


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