Making the Drake experience possible

The commitment of alumni ensures that Drake continues to excel.

Anyone can be a philanthropist. It’s not about a dollar amount; it’s about having the passion for something larger than yourself and a shared sense of responsibility. Philanthropy transforms lives and communities. I support many charities, but my first love is Drake. Why? Because Drake University changed my life.

Each of us chose Drake for different reasons, but the common thread that binds us is the Drake experience: the exemplary education, the lifelong friendships, and the opportunity and environment to mature into responsible and caring individuals.

I choose to support Drake financially so that others may also have a life-changing experience and to ensure that Drake can continue to provide a truly outstanding education with opportunities to put it to use in research, professional internships, artistic performances, community service and future careers.

What motivates my giving to Drake? The student I was seated with at a Drake luncheon who said, “You must love Drake so much to make a gift like that. I hope I can do the same someday.” The award-winning magazines and the exemplary journalists born from the magazine program under the tutelage of professor Lori Blachford. The beautiful changes that have taken place on campus since 1966. The realization of how brilliant my young sorority sisters are and how successful they surely will be, which came to me while seated with them at a dinner as a member of the Drake Board of Trustees.

The commitment of alumni ensures that Drake continues to excel and make good on the promise of providing an exceptional learning environment that benefits students and society as a whole.

The world needs more Drake graduates. And each of us can play a part in making this happen. If Drake has had an impact on your life like it has mine, now is the time to express your support.

— Peggy Fisher, FA’70, distinctlyDrake Co-Chair;
Member, Drake University Board of Trustees;
and Chief Strategic and Operating Officer, The Stelter Company

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