The Drake University Online Map is managed in partnership with Campus Public Safety, University Events Office and University Communications. The map is built on the OpenStreetMap framework and backed by a robust content management system from CampusBird. The current version of the map, launched in September 2017, is mobile-optimized and offers significantly more functionality than the previous version, including:

  • Detailed renderings of all campus buildings
  • Buildings categorized by function
  • Parking lot labels
  • Special Event labels
  • Parking, accessible entrances and transportation services

More To Do

We’re just getting started with this new map. The initial version list out basic information in an interactive format, but the system allows for much greater detail, from local attractions or international service learning opportunities around the globe. 

The content management system contains a huge amount of information about the hundreds of buildings and points of interest on campus and should serve as a helpful resource for the Drake University community and prospective students, parents & families. To that end, there is always more information that could be added. The team is working with Facilities and other groups on campus to add features to the map, including comprehensive accessibility information.

Providing Feedback

We want your feedback and help in reporting issues. Please use our online reporting form to let our map team know: