Marketing & Communications

General Contact

Drake University Marketing & Communications
1229 25th St.
Des Moines, IA 50311-4505

phone: 515-271-2169
1-800-44-DRAKE, x2169

fax: 515-271-3789

Executive Director

Debra Lukehart
Executive Director, Marketing and Communications
Phone: 515-271-2017


phone: 515-271-2169

Office Manager

Brenda Kay Rodriguez
Office Manager
phone: 515-271-2169

phone: 515-271-3779

Social Media

Public Relations

Jarad Bernstein
Director of Public Relations and Media Management
phone: 515-271-3119
cell: 515-650-3877

Aaron Jaco
Digital Media Specialist
phone: 515-271-2179

Editorial & Client Relations

Beth Wilson
Editorial Director
phone: 515-271-4719

Tim Schmitt
phone: 515-271-3273

Jill Brimeyer
Senior Writer
phone: 515-271-3188

Alyssa Young
Digital Media Writer Editor
phone: 515-271-4501


Kristin Dunn
Creative Director
phone: 515-271-3299

Emma Akerly
Graphic Designer
phone: 515-271-3247

Micki Nelson
Production Manager
phone: 515-271-2833

Web Communications

Jeremy Sievers
Director, Web Communications
phone: 515-271-2795

Danny Akright
Digital Media Publisher
phone: 515-271-3779


University News
October 29, 2014
The Drake University Board of Trustees recently approved new degree programs in mathematics, science, education, technology, and health sciences while taking initial steps to further enhance the University’s programming through $65 million in new construction and renovation.