Why Major in Mathematics or Computer Science at Drake?

What Our Graduates Have Said:

"I believe the largest reason why Drake is a great school to study computer science or mathematics is because of the faculty. They genuinely care about you as a person, and will always help you with anything, even if it is for a class that they aren't teaching themselves."

"environment is conducive to learning."

"available faculty who listened to me and worked with me."

"The department allowed me to perform research that was interesting to me. I was able to decide the direction my research went, in addition to having sound direction from my advisor. Additionally, the department made it possible to use classes for both my math and computer science majors which allowed me to get three majors altogether and graduate with honors."

"The Mathematics and CS Department is the best department at Drake!"

"The department gave me numerous opportunities: being able to do my own research, getting to be a lab administrator, tutoring."

"The best part about the department is how much the teachers work with students outside of class."

"The timing for getting a computer science or mathematics degree at Drake couldn't be better than now."

Department Promotional Brochure

See a few of the many possibile applications of mathematics at dev.whydomath.org

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July 11, 2014
The Environmental Education Summer Workshop for Teachers—co-sponsored by Drake University, MetroWaste Authority, and Prairie City-Monroe (PCM) School District—is designed to expose educators to a wide range of experiences connecting the natural history of Iowa’s plants and animals to problem-based learning exercises that address both science and math standards.