Examples of recent student-faculty research in the department include:

  • David Holcomb, Alex Hoyer, and Eric Manley, On the Integral Coding Advantage in Unit Combination Networks, DUSCI Summer Program, DUCURS oral presentation, Midwestern Graph Theory Conference (MIGHTY)
  • William Janssen and Eric Manley, Classifying Networks for Network Coding, DUSCI Summer Program, DUCURS oral presentation, Proceedings of the Midwest Instruction & Computing Symposium (MICS)
  • Josh Bonello and Michael Rieck, Judging Distance for Cameras: The Perspective 3-Point Pose Approach, DUCURS Summer Program
  • Creston Flemming, Maria Bohroquez, and Timothy Urness “Using Recycled Computers to Construct a Beowulf Cluster for Molecular Modeling” Proceedings of the Midwest Instruction & Computing Symposium (MICS)
  • Stephanie Running and Maryann Huey, A Characterization of Textbooks: Algebra and Function in an Era of Common Core State Standards, DUSCI, Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics publication
  • Elizabeth Fiedler and Maryann Huey, Statistics and Probability for Teaching Secondary Students, Mathematics and Science Partnership grant
  • Ira Hanson, Steven Johnson, Alex Kramer, Byron Varberg, and Jason Grout; Sage Cell Server 

Faculty Research & Publications:

  • Daniel Alexander and Robert L. Devaney "A Century of Complex Dynamics," Centennial edition of the Mathematics Association of America Monthly
  • Timothy Urness and Eric Manley, “Generating Interest in Computer Science Through Middle-School Android Summer Camps,” Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges
  • Timothy Urness and Eric Manley, “Building a Thriving CS Program at a Small Liberal Arts College” Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges
  • Timothy Urness, Thomas Marrinan, Andrew R. Johnson, Mark F. Vitha, "Multivariate Visualization of Chromatographic Systems" Visualization and Data Analysis, Proceedings of SPIE-IS&T Electronic Imaging, SPIE Vol. 7868-11,
  • Daniel Alexander, Felice Iavernaro and Alessandro Rosa, Early Days in Complex Dynamics, History of Mathematics Series, AMS-LMS, 2011
  • Daniel Alexander, A History of Complex Dynamics from Schroder to Fatou and Julia, Vieweg Publishing, 1994
  • Michael Rieck, "A Fundamentally New View of the Perspective Three-Point Pose Problem", Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, Feb. 2013
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