Tentative Course Schedule

Mathematics FA14 SP15 FA15 SP16 FA16
MATH 017: Spirit of Mathematics X X X  X  X X
MATH 020: College Algebra X X X X  X  X
MATH 024: Structure of Math for Elem. Ed. I X   X    X  
MATH 025: Structure of Math for Elem. Ed. II   X      X   X
MATH 028: Business Calculus X X X  X  X  X
MATH 045: Math & Technology   X    X   X
MATH 050: Calculus I X X X X  X  X
MATH 054: Discrete Mathematics X   X   X  
MATH 070: Calculus II X X X  X  X  X
MATH 080: Linear Algebra X X X  X  X  X
MATH 100: Calculus III X X X  X X X
MATH 101: Mathematical Reasoning X X X  X X X
MATH 110: Multivariate Calculus X        X  
MATH 120: Applied Differential Equations I X   X   X  
MATH 121: Applied Differential Equations II   X    X    X
MATH 125: Mathematical Modeling I     X      
MATH 127: Introduction to Game Theory        X    
MATH 131: Introduction to Probability I X X X X  X  X
MATH 132: Introduction to Probability II X X X X  X  X
MATH 144: Topics in Math Education X        X    
MATH 145: Methods of Teaching Second. Math X        X    
MATH 150/CS 150: Discrete Structures   X        X
MATH 153: Modern Geometry     X      X
MATH 155: Introduction to Abstract Algebra I X      X    
MATH 156: Introduction to Abstract Algebra II   X      X  
MATH 157: History of Mathematics   X      X  
MATH 165/CS 165: Intro. to Numerical Analysis        X    
MATH 176: Advanced Linear Algebra X       X  
MATH 184: Introduction to Real Analysis I     X      
MATH 185: Introduction to Real Analysis II        X    
MATH 187: Complex Analysis   X        X
Statistics FA14 SP15 FA15 SP16   FA16 SP17
STAT 071: Statistics I X X X  X X  X
Computer Science FA14 SP15 FA15 SP16  FA16  SP17
CS 010: Preview of Computer Science X          
CS 065: Introduction to CS I X X X  X  X X
CS 066: Introduction to CS II    X X  X  X  X  X
CS 116: Bioinformatics    X        X
CS 130: Computer Organization and Assembly X   X    X  
CS 135: Programming Languages    X    X    X
CS 137: Data Structures and Algorithms    X        X
CS 139: Theory of Computation         X    
CS 143: Artificial Intelligence  X        X  
CS 147: Computer Graphics  X        X  
CS 150/MATH 150: Discrete Structures    X        X
CS 160: Operating Systems         X    
CS 161: Compiler Construction     X      
CS 165/MATH 165: Intro. to Numerical Analysis         X    
CS 172: Digital Computer Organization   X        X
CS 188: Software Engineering X   X   X  
CS 083: Computer Ethics Offered from time to time on an irregular schedule


Art Sci Events
February 12, 2015
07:00 PM - 08:30 PM
February 26, 2015
07:00 PM - 08:30 PM
March 26, 2015
07:00 PM - 08:30 PM
ArtSci News
November 17, 2014
Five Drake piano students will showcase their talents on a world-renowned concert grand piano during a free concert at Drake University next month. The performance will begin at 7:30 p.m. Monday, December 1, in Sheslow Auditorium, 2507 University Ave.