Tentative Course Schedule

Mathematics SP14 FA14 SP15 FA15
MATH 017: Spirit of Mathematics X X X X
MATH 020: College Algebra X X X X
MATH 024: Structure of Math for Elem. Ed. I   X   X
MATH 025: Structure of Math for Elem. Ed. II X   X  
MATH 028: Business Calculus X X X X
MATH 045: Math & Technology X   X  
MATH 050: Calculus I X X X X
MATH 054: Discrete Mathematics   X   X
MATH 070: Calculus II X X X X
MATH 080: Linear Algebra X X X X
MATH 100: Calculus III X X X X
MATH 101: Mathematical Reasoning X X X X
MATH 110: Multivariate Calculus   X    
MATH 120: Applied Differential Equations I   X   X
MATH 121: Applied Differential Equations II X   X  
MATH 125: Mathematical Modeling I       X
MATH 127: Introduction to Game Theory X      
MATH 131: Introduction to Probability I X X X X
MATH 132: Introduction to Probability II X X X X
MATH 144: Topics in Math Education   X    
MATH 145: Methods of Teaching Second. Math   X    
MATH 150/CS 150: Discrete Structures     X  
MATH 153: Modern Geometry X     X
MATH 155: Introduction to Abstract Algebra I   X    
MATH 156: Introduction to Abstract Algebra II     X  
MATH 157: History of Mathematics     X  
MATH 165/CS 165: Intro. to Numerical Analysis X      
MATH 176: Advanced Linear Algebra   X    
MATH 184: Introduction to Real Analysis I       X
MATH 185: Introduction to Real Analysis II X      
MATH 187: Complex Analysis     X  
Statistics SP14 FA14 SP15 FA15
STAT 071: Statistics I X X X X
Computer Science SP14 FA14 SP15 FA15
CS 010: Preview of Computer Science X X X X
CS 065: Introduction to CS I X X X X
CS 066: Introduction to CS II X   X  
CS 083: Computer Ethics   X    
CS 116: Bioinformatics      X  
CS 130: Computer Organization and Assembly   X   X
CS 135: Programming Languages  X   X  
CS 137: Data Structures and Algorithms      X  
CS 139: Theory of Computation  X      
CS 143: Artificial Intelligence    X    
CS 147: Computer Graphics    X    
CS 150/MATH 150: Discrete Structures      X  
CS 160: Operating Systems  X      
CS 161: Compiler Construction       X
CS 165/MATH 165: Intro. to Numerical Analysis  X      
CS 172: Digital Computer Organization     X  

CS 188: Software Engineering (offering dates vary)

Art Sci Events
no events have been scheduled
ArtSci News
April 15, 2014
On Wednesday, April 16, Drake University will host a special program for language immersion students from Merrill Middle School to celebrate Pan American Day. The students will participate in Drake Spanish courses in the morning and have the opportunity to celebrate Pan American dance and music at a performance by Drake students in Olmsted Center in the afternoon.