Music Minor

The minor in music is intended for students with musical skills who do not wish to pursue careers in music.

This program does not satisfy the requirement for certification in a minor teaching area. The minimum requirement for the minor is 24 credit hours. Music history/ literature and music electives must be chosen in consultation with a designated music faculty adviser. An audition is required in the applied music area.

Required Courses:

  • Applied Music (4 semesters), 4 credit hrs.
  • MUS 001: Materials of Music I, 3 credit hrs.
  • MUS 002: Materials of Music I, 1 credit hr.
  • MUS 003: Materials of Music II, 3 credit hrs.
  • MUS 004: Materials of Music II, 1 credit hr.
  • MUS 080: Intro to Western Music, 3 credit hrs.

Music History/Lit Elective(s):

  • 3-4 credit hrs. in any of the following MUS 010, 073, 078, 081, 085, 106, 109, 110, 116, 119, 120, 140

Music Electives:

  • 5-6 credit hrs. in any music course for which the student is qualified. No more than two ensemble or six additional applied music hours apply toward the minor requirement.

TOTAL: 23-24 credit hrs.

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July 11, 2014
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