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myDrake FAQs

Watch this space for additional questions and answers as this project progresses.

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What is a portal and what does it do?

A portal is a website that serves as a launch pad to access other sites, online tools, and organizational content. Portals require a login to access secure information and systems and are intended for internal audiences only. A portal does not hold every piece of content itself, but provides links to content and direct access to systems, like email and Blackboard.

Why are we replacing blueView?

blueView is built on technology that is no longer supported by its vendor, Ellucian. The software is over 10 years old and does not operate well on many newer browsers, computers, and mobile devices. This means we must move to a new system to continue providing an internal site for the university that drives our day to day operations. myDrake is being built in our existing Microsoft O365 system, which is currently used for web email, calendars, and document storage (OneDrive).

What's the timeline for this project?

The current timeline for this portion of the project is as follows:

  • In Spring 2018 we will be building out the new portal and connecting much of the content and functions that exist in blueView into the myDrake campus portal.
  • In Spring/Summer 2018 we will be testing and refining the portal to work out as many issues and bugs as possible in preparation for the full launch. We hope to have myDrake available in parallel with blueView for most of the summer.
  • In early Fall 2018, we will discontinue blueView. This means we will be changing all links and instructions that formerly pointed to blueView and redirecting them to myDrake.

Additional content and features of myDrake will continue to be added after it launches.

What information will be found in myDrake?

The myDrake portal will provide information about news and events on campus and links to many other applications and sites with information about life on campus. Banner Self Service (MyDusis), email, document sharing, and other key systems will be integrated into myDrake.

What will be different with myDrake?

The main difference you will notice with myDrake is the look and feel. It will be built on a new platform that will feel like many other modern sites and applications you’re used to using. The myDrake portal will also focus more on providing access and connections to other applications and sites.

What's the difference between myDrake and MyDUSIS?

myDrake is our new campus portal. It’s a launch pad to essential tools and functions for your role at Drake. MyDUSIS is the self-service portion of our campus information system. Though you use myDrake to access myDUSIS functions, such as registering for classes, viewing unofficial transcripts, and accessing payroll/time sheet information, they are two separate applications.

Who will be able to log into myDrake?

Current students, their parents, faculty, and staff will be able to access myDrake. It will be the central location for everyone actively involved in the Drake community to visit to access what they need online.

Will I have to change my login information?

No. You will use your Drake ID number and password to log in.

Will I need any additional software to use myDrake?

No. myDrake is completely web-based and will be available anywhere you have internet access.

How will I get to myDrake?

You will be able to get to myDrake in many different ways once it is launched. Watch for more communication as we get closer to the launch.

When will blueView go away?

According to the current timeline, blueView will be completely replaced during Fall 2018.

We of course will, as always, keep in mind the needs for day to day campus operations to continue as uninterrupted as possible. We will make sure that the main functions that blueView currently provides will be accessible before blueView goes away permanently.

Will this change how I'll register for fall classes? (For Students)

The myDrake campus portal will not be fully accessible during Fall Registration, which means you will still register through blueView as you have in the past.

Starting in early Fall 2018, all students, faculty, and staff will begin using myDrake to get to registration. However, the actual registration screens will look the same and myDrake will just be providing a new way to get to the registration tools. 

Will this change how I enter grades? (For Faculty)

The myDrake campus portal will not be fully accessible during spring and summer grade submission, which means you continue to submit spring grades through blueView or Blackboard as you have in the past.

Starting in the Fall 2018, faculty will be able to begin using myDrake to enter grades. However, the actual registration screens will look the same and myDrake will just be providing a new way to get to the grade submission tools. 

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