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Fall 2015
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Fall 2015 Schedule

What's New in System Sol?

September 11:  Those Were The Days
I remember a time when there were nine planets, a total of 31 moons,
and only Earth had oceans.

September 18:  Leaving The Nest
Extending our senses, with help from Newton and LaGrange,
so we can see if the “grass is really greener” on the other side of the Solar System.

September 25:  … And She Sticks The Landing
Six Solar System bodies have had probes land on their surfaces, softly … intentionally.

October 2:  Sent Back To The Minors
The minor planets are small, but they have a lot to say. Comets too!

October 9:  How Big Is System Sol?
There is a lot more to our Solar System than what we originally believed.

October 16:  Give A Hoot … Don’t Pollute
We have cluttered up the space around Earth, and have been extending our mess
to the rest of the Solar System (The I.S.S. ain’t that “green”).

October 23:  Rediscovering Old Friends
The “old” telescope has learned some new tricks recently making it better than Hubble
(Radio-Telescopes too).

October 30:  Looking Beyond Our Solar System    
We have discovered that System Sol is not alone and
finding other civilizations is just a matter of time.

University News
October 9, 2015
The seventh annual Heartland Global Health Consortium Conference, “Educating for Sustainable Global Health,” will be held Wednesday, Oct. 14, in Drake's Olmsted Center.