Public Night Schedule

Spring Public Nights 2014
All programs begin at 8:00 p.m.

Our Spaceship: Earth

March 21: A Blast In Our Past
We owe our very existence to a dead star that exploded more than 6 billion years ago.

March 28: Sinking Is Good
Three possible habitable planets form. World systems begin to come online. A moon is formed and iron sinks.

April 4: Gravity Takes a Toll
Heavy meteorite bombardment scars the three planets, and possibly drops off a surprise.

April 11: We’ve Been Slimed
Primordial soup is not on every planet’s menu.

April 18: The First Extinction
A highly toxic gas takes over. First life dies and the planet freezes.

April 25: Life Finds a Way
The systems to expand and maintain life come online. Mother Nature gets creative and nothing can stop her.

May 2: New Beginnings
Stars control the destiny of life on Earth. Gravity is not as subtle.

May 9: Other Earths
More than 20% of all the Planets found so far outside of our solar system are Earth sized and considered habitable.