Public Night Schedule

2016 Fall Series

The Fall Skies are Amazing!

Lectures start at 8:00 PM

September 9:  The Fall Sky
A place where a beautiful maiden, a conquering hero, a horrific sea monster, a flying horse, and an ugly hag with epic bad hair meet.

September 16:  Sky Markers
Learning how to find your way around the sky in the dark. (LOL)

September 23:  Stars with Partners
While most of the stars in the sky have some type of companion, these are special.

September 30:  Kepler’s Playground
This is the part of the sky where more than 2300 confirmed planets have been discovered,
42 are considered habitable.

October 7:  Dusty Possibilities
Where there are dust lanes, could there be planets? The formation of a solar system is a dirty process.

October 14:  Stars of Distinction
These stars are either very bright, very hot, very big, very weird, or all of the above.

October 21:  Very Special Objects
These are the stars (objects) that truly advanced our knowledge of Astronomy and Physics.

October 28:  Not of This Galaxy
Objects in the sky, including some that we can see, that are beyond our Milky Way galaxy.

2016 Fall Schedule (PDF)


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