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Summer 2015
All programs begin at 8:00 p.m.
Summer 2015 Schedule

Questions That Keep Me Awake At Night

June 5:  Where is the Potty On the Enterprise?
Amazing visual effects have made Science Fiction movies look very real. 
But is the science true?

June 12:  Why is a Day Only 24 Hours?
Our Calendar is a hodgepodge of mistakes and temporary fixes. It is supposed to follow Earth’s rotation and its solar orbit.  Does it?

June 19:  Why is Cookie Monster on Mercury? 
For the same reason why Mickey Mouse appears on both Mercury and on Saturn’s moon: Phoebe. Our brain and gravity often plays tricks on us.

June 26:  Is There More Than One Me? 
Modern Cosmology theories have given us more questions than answers.
How many Big Bangs were there?

July 3:  Are there Scary Aliens on Earth?  
Those disgusting, scary, brain sucking, flesh eating, invasive, impossible to kill movie space aliens are nothing compared to what we find living under a rock or in our water here on the earth.

July  10:  Is Warp Drive in My Future?  
According to Star Trek, sometime between 2039 and 2063 Zefram Cochrane successfully tests his Warp Drive prototype in order to “get rich and meet girls”. 
Is he on track to get it done?



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University News
July 2, 2015
Drake University will hold information sessions in Davenport this summer for Quad Cities-area students interested in pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree.