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2016 Spring Series

Things We Should Not Take For Granted

Lectures start at 8:00 PM

March 18: The Sun - Every part of our existence starts and ends with our “System’s Primary”.  We are star dust.

March 25: Day and Night - “A Day without sunshine, is know…Night!”
(Steve Martin)

April 1: Gravity - It is the weakest of all the forces, until you get real close.  Then it plays the ultimate joke on you…(you see Sandra Bullock)

April 8: Earth’s Motions - Subtle and Rhythmic motions on and to the Earth cause global changes .

April 15: Water - Once thought to be unique to Earth, this life’s most necessary medium has been found almost everywhere in the Universe.

April 22: Air - Flying with the “wind beneath my wings” will cause you to drop like a stone.

April 29: The Moon - This minor member of our solar system has more control over the earth than any vampire, werewolf or crooner could imagine.

May 6: Time - Time is not a constant.  Under certain circumstances you can watch the same star explode over and over again. (or see Matthew McConaughey)

Spring 2016 Schedule


University News
February 9, 2016
Drake University will host 25 of Africa’s brightest emerging leaders this summer for a six-week academic and leadership institute sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.