Public Night Schedule

Fall 2014
All programs begin at 8:00 p.m.

The Astronomers

September 5: Setting the Stage: The Greek, Chinese and Arab Astronomers
Relying on observation, logic and a small dose of simplicity.

September 12: The Shoulders of Giants
Putting the sun in the center of the solar system permanently and working with the force of gravity.

September 19: The Real Force
Analyzing the force of gravity, the nature of light, and making clear the blobs of light in the sky.

September 26: A New Century of Discovery
Making light do new and wondrous tasks to learn more about the stars and planets. Discovering the invisible.

October 3: Improving The Tools
Improving telescopes, finding the key to discover the elemental make up of stars and discovering objects that give off more than light. Discovering the first cry of the universe.

October 10: The Women of Astronomy
The Computers of Harvard. Draper’s Haram, putting the stars in order, finding little green men, and discovering the Dark Side.

October 17: The Modern Giants
Gravity is rediscovered, black holes become observable and the Big Bang may not have been the beginning.

October 24: The Master Educators
The masters who made the unimaginable: plausible, even logical; while never losing "the wonder" of it all that makes Astronomy forever new.

University News
December 17, 2014
Drake University has been named to the Kiplinger's Personal Finance list of 100 best values in private universities for 2015, coming in at No. 34.