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Fall 2017 Lecture Series

Lectures begin at 8:00 PM. Sky viewing will begin at dark, if clear.

60 Years Since Sputnik

September 8:  I.G.Y. Says Hello
The world has a meeting to take inventory of what it thinks it has.
The U.S. learns a hard lesson.

September 15:  Newton Rules
If you’re movin’, you’re groovin to the tunes of Sir Isaac Newton.

September 22:  The American Eagle vs the Soviet Bear
The Russian way: it’s not pretty, but it gets you there.

September 29:  "Can't Hit the Broadside of the Moon" or Anything Else
The world learns that putting something in space is not easy. It is “Rocket Science”.

October 6:  Getting Smarter and Going Farther
The world learns how to hit a moving target from a moving platform sitting on a spinning planet with limited resources.

October 13:  More Players Join the Club
Space Exploration becomes a global task, irrespective of nationality, race or gender.

October 20:  Fantasy Becomes Reality
Every planet in our solar system has been visited and people work and live in space.

October 27:  What has NASA Done for Me Lately?
Cell phones, spill-proof paint containers, truck air foils, and lap top computers were
technologies developed by the Space Agencies for use off planet that have managed
to find their way into the world economy.

Fall 2017 Lecture Series

Today at Drake
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM
University News
October 19, 2017
Drake senior Morayo Adeyoju, a native of the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, shares his cultural history as part of an art exhibition on display through Oct. 22 in The Anderson Gallery. Adeyoju's grandfather was a king of the Yoruba tribe.