Public Night Schedule

2016 Fall Series

The Fall Skies are Amazing!

Lectures start at 8:00 PM. Open to the public. Free.

September 9:  The Fall Sky
A place where a beautiful maiden, a conquering hero, a horrific sea monster, a flying horse, and an ugly hag with epic bad hair meet.

September 16:  Sky Markers
Learning how to find your way around the sky in the dark. (LOL)

September 23:  Stars with Partners
While most of the stars in the sky have some type of companion, these are special.

September 30:  Kepler’s Playground
This is the part of the sky where more than 2300 confirmed planets have been discovered,
42 are considered habitable.

October 7:  Dusty Possibilities
Where there are dust lanes, could there be planets? The formation of a solar system is a dirty process.

October 14:  Stars of Distinction
These stars are either very bright, very hot, very big, very weird, or all of the above.

October 21:  Very Special Objects
These are the stars (objects) that truly advanced our knowledge of Astronomy and Physics.

October 28:  Not of This Galaxy
Objects in the sky, including some that we can see, that are beyond our Milky Way galaxy.

2016 Fall Schedule (PDF)


University News
October 26, 2016
Drake University and the American Diabetes Association will host a free community event on Nov. 12 featuring free lunch, a diabetes walk, educational presentations, and a wellness expo.