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Summer 2017 Lecture Series

Lectures begin at 8:00 PM

A System Sol Update

June 2:  A System Template
Our solar system is a lot more than 8 planets and a whole bunch of dwarf planets.

June 9:  We've Been There!
We have visited every planet and landed (or crashed) on a few planets, comets and asteroids.

June 16:  Weather Outside is Frightful!
Weather on the Earth works like the weather on Jupiter.

June 23:  Water is everywhere!
It is on almost every planet and “Researchers Confirm that Water Exists On The Sun.” 

June 30:  The Puzzle of Pluto
This is one strange planet, dwarf planet, “whatever you want to call it”.

July 7:  Looking for the Planet Nine
That’s what astronomers are calling the yet undiscovered 9th planet.

August 14:  Special Eclipse Talk
On August 21st the Sun will be 96% covered here in Des Moines.
Learn how to observe this truly bizarre event safely.

Summer 2017 Lecture Series

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University News
June 26, 2017
Eric Saylor, professor of music history at Drake University, has published a new book that seeks to redeem a style of music that he says is gravely misunderstood and sorely underrated.