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Spring 2018 Lecture Series

Lectures begin at 8:00 PM
Skyviewing begins at dark, if the weather is clear.
This series is free and open to the public.

Star Stuff and Temporal Discoveries

March 16:  Beginnings: How do we know there was a “Big Bang” and not a Wimpy Sigh?

March 23:  An Unlikely Hook-up: Gravity and Nucleo-synthesis. Making lead into gold and uncontrolled thermonuclear annihilation.

March 30:  Another Beginning! Super Nova, nebulae, and Solar Systems. The formation of galaxies and the life of a star.

April 6:  Clouds of Life: 2nd generation stars with heavier elements, right for life. The elements of life, a precarious balance.

April 13:  What's the Matter? A close look at what we cannot see and makes up almost a third of the universe.

April 20:  Expanding Strings: In spite of gravity, our observable universe is expanding faster and faster.

April 27:  Is There an Anti-me? Multi-verses, quantum entanglements, and infinite possibilities.

May 4:  It's About Time: Is time physical? Can time be stopped or even made to go backward? How long is time?


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January 18, 2018
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