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Spring 2017 Lecture Series

Lectures begin at 8:00 PM

Did The Millennium Falcon REALLY do the Kessel Run in under 12 Parsecs?

March 17:  When Science Fiction Gets It Wrong
Do exploding space ships go bang?
Do people without space suits go bang? Does the Wookie always win?

March 24:  Traveling Between Stars
It would take about 55 years to get to Mars in my Hyundai. How can interstellar travel even
be achieved? Is the “Venture Star” spaceship (AVATAR) a solution?

March 31:  Traveling Between Stars Faster
Who holds the Patent on Warp Drive? (Yes, there is one).
How do you survive warp acceleration without being a grease spot on the back wall.

April 7:  What Will We Find THERE?
We know that there are thousands of Planets. Will we be the first “Outlanders” to visit them?
Will THEY be ugly? Dr. Stephen Hawking is urging us “Don’t Go THERE!” What does HE know?

April 14:  What The Stars Tell US
Light from the stars travel trillions of miles.
The information astronomers learn from that fossil light fills volumes.

April 21:  How Do We Know How Far The Stars Are?
Light from the stars travel trillions of miles? (see above) How the heck do we know that?

April 28:  Order Out Of Chaos
Light from the stars travel trillions of miles!
(What? Again?) It took an American Astronomer and a Danish Astronomer
(who were not friends) about a year to make some sense out of the hodge
podge of starlight.

May 5:  Mysteries Yet To Be Solved
We just learned that Dark Energy may not make up 70% of the universe,
that there might be a 5th force, and that the light show towards the end
of “2001-A Space Odyssey” actually has no meaning.

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University News
April 19, 2017
Nicholas Roth, professor of piano, will join forces with the internationally acclaimed Euclid Quartet in a free performance Sunday, April 30, in Drake's Sheslow Auditorium.