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Affiliated Groups

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

 Some survey, assessment, focus group, or other projects may require IRB approval. For more information, please visit their website and/or contact the current IRB chair.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

 For more information, please visit their website and/or contact the current IACUC chair.

Drake Curriculum Analysis Committee (DCAC)

The Drake Curriculum Analysis Committee (DCAC; formerly the Drake Curriculum Analysis and Planning Committee) is a Faculty Senate Committee.  DCAC is responsible for assessing achievement of the student learning outcomes drawn from the Drake Mission, and evaluating the effectiveness of the Drake Curriculum and related experiential and co-curricular programs in contributing to the achievement of those outcomes.

DCAC will provide regular summaries of the student learning data to the Faculty Senate, University Curriculum Committee, and the Provost, and make recommendations as appropriate for ongoing improvement of the general education curriculum and related programs.  For more information, please vist their website and/or contact the current chair, Eric Manley.

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University News
December 2, 2016
Twenty executives from 14 central Iowa companies have graduated from the Executive Education Center at Drake University’s Leading Others program. The intensive 18-month program enhances participants’ ability to lead organizations through times of stability and change.