World Languages & Culture Letter to Entering First Year Students

World Languages and Cultures will be using the Webcape Placement Exam for those incoming first year students who will begin language study in their first semester having already studied the language previously (in a high school classroom, on a study abroad trip, college level courses, summer camp, etc.) 


Find the description below that matches your situation.

If you plan to continue studying a language you have already studied:

• take the test.

If you have no previous experience studying the language and wish to enroll in a language course:

• do not take the test.

If you are not enrolling in a language course your first semester at Drake:

• do not take the test. 

If you are unsure of whether you should take the placement test or not, please contact us at or
1-800-44-DRAKE ext. 2511 or 515-271-2511

The placement test should be taken by students between April 1st and ideally before your orientation session. The test will be taken online, accessed through the blueView system. As the test is online and is not proctored, students can take the test at a date and time which is convenient for them. Please allot one hour for the exam. There is a $5 fee for each exam which will appear on your first Drake bill.

Students must have a high-speed internet connection and a set of headphones with a microphone. In BlueView, students will find a test taker guide with instructions on how to test your equipment to ensure a proper exam.

The test will cover multiple skills including speaking so that Drake faculty can place students into the appropriate course level.  Students will be notified of the test results and the appropriate course level before Friday, June 1st. Students should make note of that level for Summer Orientation registration for fall classes.  

Instructions on accessing the exam

  1. Log In to BlueView
  2. Choose the "New Student Information" tab
  3. On the World Languages & Culture channel, you will see a box of information for taking the language assessment.
  4. You will find there the test code and password for your language and a link to the test.
  5. Click on the test link and copy/paste the test code and password information from BlueView into the login page. Please include your First Name and Last Name.
  6. Fill out the profile survey completely and begin the test.