July Message to Parents

At Drake, the focus of Professional and Career Development Services is on professional development rather than placement.  We believe this is perfect fit for higher education due to its emphasis on the learning process. This approach, ideally, begins your students first year and builds with each internship, research study, service project or part time job. Ultimately, this process culminates in seeking out and landing a job. 

Internships are a crucial part of this process, allowing students to make informed career choices and to develop a sense of the work environment, industry, and company culture. Internships enable students to improve skills and develop new ones. Through internships, our students create a track record of accomplishments and demonstrated skills. Internships provide students with valuable hands-on experience. Upon graduation, students with these experiences are often more competitive when applying for full-time employment opportunities.  

Encourage your student to be proactive in searching for an internship, it will pay off! This summer we have student interning at organizations such as Apple, KPMG, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Johns Hopkins, LinkedIn, Texas Shakespeare Festival, Iowa Department of Public Health, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and many more.

Tips for parents:

  • Understand that internships vary. Some are paid and some are not, some require your son/daughter to be enrolled for academic credit while others do not. To find the best fit for internships, students must assess their personal situations.
  • Encourage your student to utilize summers; summer is great time for continued learning.
  • Be there to guide, give advice, and provide a listening ear, but let your student do the work and take the lead.
  • Share leads about jobs, but then let your student act on those that are interesting to her.
  • Talk with your student about professional expectations, business demeanor, workplace behavior, and professional dress.
  • Talk with your student about good interviewing skills, types of questions to expect, how to prepare for follow-up questions, and how to connect with the interviewer.
  • DON’T forget that this is your student’s challenge and search.  There are important and lasting life lessons to be learned from the process of job seeking – in addition to the ultimate goal of obtaining a position.  Don’t contact potential employers on their behalf.
  • Simply being there, understanding, and supplying a sympathetic ear may be your most valuable contribution.


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