Learning @ Drake

Making the Grade


The Drake Curriculum provides your student with opportunities across the curriculum and within his or her major. This unique curriculum begins with First-year Seminars and concludes with a Senior Capstone Experience - a research project, thesis or other major work to synthesize his/her educational experience at Drake.

Grade reports are no longer printed and mailed, but made available to your student online.

To receive a Drake degree, your student must have a cumulative 2.0 grade point average. Students must complete 124 hours of class work, or about 15 hours per semester, to graduate, except Pharmacy, which requires 208 hours. The average class at Drake equals three hours of credit, although some are worth more and some less.

Breaking Down the GPA

GPA = Number of grade points earned/number of credit hours attempted.
A = 4.0 points
B = 3.0 points
C = 2.0 points
D = 1.0 points
F = 0.0 points*

*Earning an F means no credit toward graduation for that course, although the zero is figured as part of the GPA.

Achieving Success

Office of Academic Achievement, x3752, www.drake.edu/students 
e-mail: chrystal.stanley@drake.edu

Drake's Academic Assistance Office provides general academic support. Students interested in time management, study skills or test-taking strategies can contact the Office of the Provost. Students needing content-specific assistance are encouraged to work directly with their professors and academic departments.

Computers on campus

Office of Information Technology, x3214, www.drake.edu/it

Every residence hall room has Ethernet ports - one per resident - that give students full, high-speed connections to the campus-wide network, the Internet and e-mail. Students are expected to bring their own computers to campus. The University also offers attractive pricing arrangements with several manufacturers for students who wish to purchase a computer. Students may also use computer labs located conveniently across campus.

Professional and Career Development Services

Professional and Career Development Services, x3721, www.drake.edu/career

Drake's Professional and Career Development Services focuses on professional career development rather than job placement. This focus is a perfect fit for higher education due to its emphasis on learning a process. Career development at its best begins the student's first year and builds with each internship, research study, service project or part-time job. Ultimately, this process culminates in the student's seeking and landing a job. Professional and Career Development Services offers comprehensive services for students both in and out of the classroom.

Professional and Career Development Services provides:

  • Career assessments
  • Networking
  • Career bluePrint (Drake's online job posting board)
  • Internship and service learning experiences
  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Mock interviews
  • Portfolio development

Tuition Payment and Drop Policies

Office of Student Accounts, x2151, www.drake.edu/accounts

The Office of Student Accounts offers several options for paying for your student's Drake education. You should choose a method of payment and complete a payment plan application by the time your student registers for classes.

Student who have not paid or registered for a payment plan by the end of the period for dropping classes will receive a letter from the Office of Student Accounts informing them that they have an additional 10 days to make the necessary arrangements. If students have not made the necessary arrangements by the fourth week of the semester, they will be dropped from classes for the semester and not allowed to re-enroll or live in University housing until the following academic term.

To review payment options, please click here.

May I have access to my student's grade on

Yes, There are two ways to gain access:

  1. Your student may give you access to view her/his midterm and final grades, unofficial transcript, hold(s) on his/her account, or billing and account information.

  2. You may submit proof that the student is a dependent for tax purposes. Proof is considered to be a copy of the most recent year's federal tax form showing that the parent claims the student as a dependent. This form should be submitted to Kevin Moenkhaus, Director of Student Records. Access will then be created for the parent, and the student will be notified that access has been given. A new request will need to be submitted annually to maintain access.

Drake University recognizes the importance of and encourages the student-parent relationship throughout the college experience. It is Drake's philosophy to empower students to take responsibility for their academic success, personal development, and professional accomplishments. Open communications between parents and their students is critical. Therefore, it is our goal to inform both parents and students of Drake¹s policies and procedures and help parents direct their students to appropriate resources to address their own concerns.

Given this philosophy, Drake option 1 to be preferable. DISCUSS WITH YOUR STUDENT WHETHER THIS IS A GOOD OPTION FOR YOUR FAMILY.

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