Drake International

Drake International partners with students, faculty, and staff to advance global and cross-cultural initiatives that connect Drake University with the world by supporting the development of strategic partnerships, short-term study abroad seminars and learning experiences, and English language-learning programming.

Full-time faculty, staff

Drake International provides logistical, advisory, and funding support for students, faculty, and staff endeavoring to enhance international learning at Drake. Partnership funding agreements have provided funds up to $16,000 from Drake International conditioned upon approval and funding from the college dean; Drake International Grant awards have ranged from $350 to $10,000.

Partnership activities are requested in October for the next fiscal year; Drake International Grants are monthly.

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International Partnership Planning; Professional Development Grants


Annique Kiel, Interim Executive Director of Global Engagement and International Programs, drakeinternational@drake.edu, 271-2084.

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University News
December 7, 2016
President-elect Donald J. Trump has selected Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, a 1974 alumnus of Drake University Law School, to serve as ambassador to China.