Past Award Recipients

Psychology Award Winners

Neuroscience Award Winners

Cross-Disciplinary Award Winners

W. Scott Wood Award

Year Award Winner(s)
2013-2014 Ashley Fee and Alison Heifner
2012-2013 Annette Haas and Lauren Phillips
2011-2012 Emily Madsen
2010-2011 Janelle Peck
2009-2010 Sheryl Samuel
2008-2009 Abigail Dierks
2007-2008 Samantha Nelson and Jennifer Mattson
2006-2007 Jennifer Mattson

Experimental Psychology Award

Year Award Winner(s)
2013-2014 Lucas Kelberer and Alisa Pajser
2012-2013 Jessica Bowden and Erin Scully
2011-2012 Andrew Heitzer
2010-2011 Emily Leiker
2009-2010 Amy Heger
2007-2008 Michelle Alexander and Sarah Kucker
2006-2007 Ellen Rozek

Anthony C. Westerhof Award

Year Award Winner(s)
2013-2014 Katherine Elder
2012-2013 Keith Klein
2011-2012 Gwendolyn Carlson
2010-2011 Alano De La Rosa
2009-2010 Alexandra Roth
2008-2009 Shelby Rieks
2007-2008 Melissa King
2006-2007 Duhita Mahatmya and Jesse Sparks

Outstanding Junior in Psychology

Year Award Winner(s)
2013-2014 Rebecca Share
2012-2013 Katherine Elder
2011-2012 Kaila Swain
2010-2011 Gwendolyn Carlson
2009-2010 Xiang Xiang
2008-2009 Amy Heger and Carly Bueltel
2007-2008 Shelby Rieks
2006-2007 W. Ryan King and Samantha Nelson

Outstanding Senior in Neuroscience

Year Award Winner(s)
2013-2014 Carmen Cook

Outstanding Junior in Neuroscience

Year Award Winner(s)
2013-2014 David Goodman
2012-2013 Jeffrey Hoyt and Meredith Moore

Research Contribution Special Award

Year Award Winner(s)
2013-2014 Kristine Micheletti
2012-2013 Elizabeth Schieber
2011-2012 Laura Swenson
2010-2011 Marissa Collins
2009-2010 Elizabeth Manthley
2008-2009 Matthew Dicken
2007-2008 Stephanie Verlautz
2006-2007 Andrea Schwager

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