Community College: College and Career Readiness

The January 2015 Report Falling Short? College Learning and Career Success by the Association of American Colleges and Universities highlights the discrepancy between students’ and employers’ views on job readiness. For example, students indicated that they felt qualified in areas like written and oral communication, critical and analytical thinking, and applying knowledge and skills to the real world. But employers consistently rated students lower than they rated themselves. Read more.

Prepared to Succeed: Workforce, College, and Career Readiness Skills Series are curricular resources for use in a classroom, certification, or other course-type applications. Facilitator Guides distill the latest research (including topics on social and emotional development, positive psychology, and resiliency) on the core workforce competencies, and introduce replicable tools and strategies, applied practice and real-world simulation activities for coaching on the targeted skills. Student Workbooks feature class activities for skill development followed by strategies for self-reflection, goal setting, and monitoring one's progress.


Excellence + Integrity + Professionalism: Practicum Companion is a curricular resource for internships, on-the-job trainings, and similar practicum-type experiences. It includes learning modules that deliver core knowledge about targeted competencies in a professional journal article format, with links to relevant videos, articles, or books for engaging and expanded learning; strategies that guide practice for skill development, and Optimal Performance Assessment instruments for self-reflection, mentor coaching, and feedback on the simulated or real-world implementation of the targeted skills.


What We're Hearing

The rigorous and research-based, yet practical and user-friendly, PTS and EIP resources provide our instructors engaging educational knowledge that they can easily adapt for integration in their work. This cutting-edge educational experience, we believe, affords our students an advantage in their formation and workplace marketability through real-world development of the essential career readiness skills. More than a course or a curriculum, the Excellence & Ethics Knowledge and Tools can be used every day—in and out of the classroom. I am particularly impressed with the engagement and enthusiasm of our faculty in delivering this curriculum and their success in engaging students in STEMConnector STEM2.0 Capabiliy Platforms.

~ President Rob Denson, Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC)


It has been such an exciting journey working with the team from the Institute for Excellence & Ethics, The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center, and the DMACC faculty on this curriculum. Employers tell us they need employees with critical professionalism skills and this program helps us to respond to that challenge. Faculty report that by implementing these practical and engaging exercises in the classroom it has completely changed the dynamics of the learning experience: student are communicating and problem solving with each other, working in teams, and using the tools to set challenging and meaningful goals as they transition into the workforce.

~ Karen Stiles, Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), Business/Student Connections Consultant


IEE workforce readiness materials "proved timely and on target with practical strategies our students understood and could easily utilize… the students really connected with [IEE] message."

~ Eileen Baldassarre, CSTEP Coordinatory, SUNY ESF

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