RaySociety Board of Directors

2014-15 Board of Directors
Linda Appelgate Stacey Henderson Billie Ray
Jeanne Baker Paul Horvath Robert D. Ray
Dale Berry Deneese Jones Jayne Sullivan
Jo Berry Carol Leech Jon Torgerson
Beth Bloom Myrt Levin Granville Williams
Denny Davis Gloria Morris Jim Wise
Lois Fingerman John Perkins  
Bob Henderson Ken Popken  
Executive Committee
President Paul Horvath
Vice President Dale and Jo Berry
Secretary Linda Appelgate
Treasurer Ken Popken
Committee Chairs
 Campus Socials Committee Chair  Carol Leech                                       
Community Events Committee Chair  Jeanne Baker
Marketing & Membership Committee Co-chairs  Beth Bloom & Jayne Sullivan
Nominatinng Committee Chair  Stacey Henderson
Programming Committee Chair  Denny Davis
Ex Officio
Robert D. and Billie Ray
Deneese Jones, Provost, Drake University
Teresa Bartschat, RaySociety Coordinator
Rena Wilson, RaySociety Program Assistant
Vici Bice, RaySociety Program Development Associate
University News
August 29, 2014
In collaboration with UnityPoint Health, Drake University is hosting a panel discussion, “Young People, Substance Abuse and Mental Health: Recognizing the effects of marijuana and other drugs on tomorrow’s leaders.”