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Lifelong Learning Society
Drake University

Articles of Organization
Approved May 18th, 2016

Establishment and Purpose
A. These articles of organization establish the Billie & Robert D. Ray Lifelong Learning Society, hereafter known as the RaySociety.

B. The RaySociety is dedicated to all persons who seek opportunities for lifelong learning to enrich their lives in a collegial environment of sharing and fellowship. The society provides opportunities for intellectual, social, and cultural stimulation and growth.

C. The RaySociety is associated with and supported by Drake University and operates in accordance with university policies and procedures. The RaySociety is administratively within the academic division. The provost and/or his/her representative will serve as liaison between the university and the society.


A. Membership is open to all persons who seek opportunities for lifelong learning.

B. There shall be two types of membership, lifetime and regular. Members are eligible to vote and to serve on the board of directors and committees.

i. Regular members pay an annual membership fee.
ii. Lifetime membership is awarded to Billie and Robert D. Ray and persons who donate a minimum amount established by the board to the society over a three year period.

C. The board, in consultation with the office of the provost, may revise membership fees from time to time.

D. An annual meeting of the membership shall be held during the university’s spring semester on a date and at a time and place determined by the board of directors. Other meetings of members shall be held as called by the board. Notice of the meeting and the agenda shall be distributed at least two weeks prior to the meeting. A quorum shall be the members present and voting.

Board of Directors and Officers

A. The RaySociety shall be governed by a working board of directors of no more than twenty (20) individuals elected from its membership who are responsible for overseeing the affairs of the society and carrying out its purposes.

B. The board of directors shall be comprised of the four (4) officers (president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary); six (6) directors-at-large; the chairs of the five (5) standing committees (membership & marketing; programming; community events; campus socials; and nominating), and the immediate past president. The board may consolidate committees, or create new committees as needs may require, consistent with Article III, A.

C. All officers, directors, and chairs of the standing committees shall be elected to two-year terms by vote of the membership pursuant to the list of candidates submitted by the nominating committee. In order to be placed in nomination at the annual meeting in May, interested members must submit their names to the nominating committee no later than February 1st.

D. Newly elected board members assume office on July 1st.

E. The board shall meet in the months of September, November, January, and April, culminating with the annual meeting in May. A special June board meeting will be held at year end for orientation purposes and include retiring board members, new board members and continuing board members. Meetings of the board may be called by the president or by any two directors on five (5) day notice in writing. Eight board members shall constitute a quorum.

F. Replacement of board of directors and officers: If a board director or an officer of the RaySociety is unable to complete a full term of office, the president, or his/her successor, in consultation with the nominating committee, shall appoint a person to complete the term of office until the next annual meeting.

G. The immediate past president may serve as a voting member of the board of directors.

Duties and Responsibilities of Officers

A. Officers. The officers of the board shall be the president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.

B. President. The president shall preside at all meetings and work with the officers to prepare an agenda for regular meetings of the board and special meetings of the executive committee.

C. Vice-President. The vice president, in the absence of the president, shall perform the duties of the president and assume such other responsibilities as may be assigned by the board.

D. Secretary.The secretary shall ensure that minutes are recorded of all meetings of the board, and the annual meeting, and that a correct roll and attendance record of the board membership is maintained. These minutes shall be permanently maintained and made available to all interested parties for inspection. The secretary shall see that proper notice of all regular - and called - meetings is distributed and will work in collaboration with staff to fulfill the correspondence needs of the RaySociety.

E. Treasurer. The treasurer is an elected member of the board of directors and the executive committee and has the following functions and responsibilities:  works with RaySociety staff to review and balance the monthly general ledger; monitors and prepares the operational budget; provides regular fiscal reports to the executive committee; provides quarterly reports to the board of directors; oversees the preparation of the fiscal records for review by Drake accounting and/or Drake auditors; works collaboratively with staff to collect and disburse financial information; provides counsel to the executive committee; serves as a liaison to the university regarding fiscal matters.

University Liaison, Society Coordinator, and Staff

A. The university liaison to the society is the provost or the provost designee and serves ex-officio on the board of directors, functioning as the representative of the university to the society with the responsibilities of providing counsel and direction as necessary to maintain a strong and positive working relationship between both institutions.

B. The society coordinator shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board of Directors. The coordinator works at the direction of the university liaison and the RaySociety board of directors. The society coordinator shall be responsible for the administrative needs of the society as more fully articulated in the RaySociety bylaws.

C. The board of directors, in consultation with the coordinator, may hire or dismiss staff as needed to ensure efficient completion of the business of the society. Such actions shall be in accordance with the bylaws of the RaySociety which shall be consistent with university policies and procedures.

Executive Committee

An executive committee is formed and is comprised of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and programming committee chair. The society coordinator and the university liaison will serve as ex-officio, non-voting members. The committee shall conduct the business of the society as necessary between meetings of the board.

Financial Responsibilities

A. The board shall approve an annual budget that coincides with Drake University’s fiscal year.

B. The board shall have the power to raise funds and receive gifts. These activities will be coordinated with the office of the provost of the university.

C. RaySociety staff shall deposit all funds received by the society with the Drake University office of accounting, which shall handle disbursement and accounting of RaySociety funds. An annual report, prepared by the treasurer, shall be presented to the membership at the annual meeting.

Amending the Articles of Organization

A. Proposals to change these Articles of Organization may be made by any society member to the board for consideration.

B. The membership shall be informed at the next annual meeting of any and all amendments to the Articles of Organization that were approved by the board and implemented during the previous program year


A. The board of directors, in consultation with the coordinator, shall have the authority to adopt bylaws governing the day to day operations of the RaySociety.

B. These bylaws may be amended at a regular or special meeting of the board of directors.

C. In the case of a conflict between the Articles and the bylaws, the Articles shall control.


With 30 days notice, either the RaySociety or Drake University may bring about dissolution of the RaySociety. If the RaySociety is dissolved or ceases to exist for the purposes for which it was established, all assets, records and materials shall be turned over to the office of the provost and disposed of in accordance with the rules and regulations of Drake University.

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