Let's Play!

Listed below are the sports offered this year by Drake Intramurals. 

Click the sport name to create a team for that sport or to find a team to join.  Competitive and recreation leagues are offered for all sports. Recreation leagues are played for fun, competitive leagues are designed for a higher level of competitive play.

League sports typically have a four week regular season followed by a short bracket-style playoff round. All manager's meetings will be held in the Field House Classroom. You must have the minimum number of players needed to start a game signed up on imleagues.com/drake by the roster deadline listed in order to be scheduled into the league.

League Sports
Semester Offered  
Rosters Due        
Manager Meeting
League Types   


Fall 2013

4:30pm   Aug 29

5:00pm   Aug 29

W, M, C, G

Volleyball Rules

Flag Football 

Fall 2013

4:30pm Sept 3

5:00pm Sept 3

W, M, C, G

Flag Football Rules

Outdoor Soccer

Fall 2013

4:30pm Sept 4

5:00pm Sept 4

W, M, G

Soccer Rules

CoRec Basketball

Fall 2013

4:30pm   Oct 16

5:00pm   Oct 16


CoRec Bball Rules


Spring 2014

4:30pm   Jan 30

5:00pm   Jan 30

W, M, G

Basketball Rules

Indoor Soccer

Spring 2014

4:30pm   Feb 18

5:00pm   Feb 18

W, M, C, G

Indoor Soccer Rules


Spring 2014 

4:30pm   Mar 10

5:00pm   Mar 10

W, M, C, G

Softball Rules

Floor Hockey

Spring 2014

4:30pm   Mar 11

5:00pm   Mar 11

W, M, G 

Floor Hockey Rules

W=Women's, M=Men's, C=Co-ed, G=Greek


Tournament sports either include a pool play round followed by a single-emlimination round or may simply be a single-elimination tournament. There are no manager's meetings for tournament sports but you must create a team on imleagues.com/drake prior to the roster deadline with the minimum number of people required to play in order to be scheduled. 

Tournament Sports
Semester Offered
Rosters Due
Golf Fall 2013 4:30pm Sept 11 Golf Rules
Raquetball Singles Fall 2013 4:30pm Sept 17 Racquetball Singles Rules
3-on-3 Basketball Fall 2013 4:30pm Oct 2 3on3 Rules
Badminton Singles Fall 2013 4:30pm Oct 2 Badminton Singles Rules
Tennis Singles Fall 2013 4:30pm Oct 29 Tennis Singles Rules
Dodgeball  Fall 2013 4:30pm Nov 19 Dodgeball Rules
Free Throw & 3pt Shot Contest Fall 2013 N/A Contest Rules 
Texas Hold 'Em Spring 2014 4:30pm Feb 11 Poker Rules
Racquetball Doubles Spring 2014 4:30pm Feb 25 Racquetball Doubles Rules
Tennis Doubles Spring 2014  4:30pm Mar 3 Tennis Doubles Rules
 Badminton Doubles Spring 2014   4:30pm Mar 26 Badminton Doubles Rules
 3v3 Volleyball Spring 2014   4:30pm April 3 3v3 Volleyball Rules