Let's Play!

Listed below are the sports offered this year by Drake Intramurals. 

Click the sport name to create a team for that sport or to find a team to join.  Competitive and recreation leagues are offered for all sports. Recreation leagues are played for fun, competitive leagues are designed for a higher level of competitive play.

League sports typically have a four week regular season followed by a short bracket-style playoff round. All manager's meetings will be held in the Field House Classroom. You must have the minimum number of players needed to start a game signed up on imleagues.com/drake by the roster deadline listed in order to be scheduled into the league.

League Sports
Semester Offered  
Rosters Due        
Manager Meeting
League Types   


Fall 2013

4:30pm   Aug 29

5:00pm   Aug 29

W, M, C, G

Volleyball Rules

Flag Football 

Fall 2013

4:30pm Sept 3

5:00pm Sept 3

W, M, C, G

Flag Football Rules

Outdoor Soccer

Fall 2013

4:30pm Sept 4

5:00pm Sept 4

W, M, G

Soccer Rules

CoRec Basketball

Fall 2013

4:30pm   Oct 16

5:00pm   Oct 16


CoRec Bball Rules


Spring 2014

4:30pm   Jan 30

5:00pm   Jan 30

W, M, G

Basketball Rules

Indoor Soccer

Spring 2014

4:30pm   Feb 18

5:00pm   Feb 18

W, M, C, G

Indoor Soccer Rules


Spring 2014 

4:30pm   Mar 10

5:00pm   Mar 10

W, M, C, G

Softball Rules

Floor Hockey

Spring 2014

4:30pm   Mar 11

5:00pm   Mar 11

W, M, G 

Floor Hockey Rules

W=Women's, M=Men's, C=Co-ed, G=Greek


Tournament sports either include a pool play round followed by a single-emlimination round or may simply be a single-elimination tournament. There are no manager's meetings for tournament sports but you must create a team on imleagues.com/drake prior to the roster deadline with the minimum number of people required to play in order to be scheduled. 

Tournament Sports
Semester Offered
Rosters Due
Golf Fall 2013 4:30pm Sept 11 Golf Rules
Raquetball Singles Fall 2013 4:30pm Sept 17 Racquetball Singles Rules
3-on-3 Basketball Fall 2013 4:30pm Oct 2 3on3 Rules
Badminton Singles Fall 2013 4:30pm Oct 2 Badminton Singles Rules
Tennis Singles Fall 2013 4:30pm Oct 29 Tennis Singles Rules
Dodgeball  Fall 2013 4:30pm Nov 19 Dodgeball Rules
Free Throw & 3pt Shot Contest Fall 2013 N/A Contest Rules 
Texas Hold 'Em Spring 2014 4:30pm Feb 11 Poker Rules
Racquetball Doubles Spring 2014 4:30pm Feb 25 Racquetball Doubles Rules
Tennis Doubles Spring 2014  4:30pm Mar 3 Tennis Doubles Rules
 Badminton Doubles Spring 2014   4:30pm Mar 26 Badminton Doubles Rules
 3v3 Volleyball Spring 2014   4:30pm April 3 3v3 Volleyball Rules
Today at Drake
08:00 AM - 10:00 PM
12:00 PM - 08:00 PM
University News
April 17, 2014
Charles (Charlie) Edwards, dean of Drake University’s College of Business and Public Administration (CBPA) and the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC), announced today that he will retire effective May 31, 2014.