Meet Our Staff

Assistant Director of Recreational Services - Intramural and Sport Clubs
Jordan Grindeland

Prior to joining the Bulldog family in August of 2014, Jordan graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor's Degree of Business Administration-Management, as well as a Master's Degree in Leadership Development from Drake. He mainly grew up in Colorado, as well a spending as much time in the mountains as possible. Jordan’s favorite hobbies are golfing, longboarding, snowboarding, and watching the Seattle Seahawks win on Sundays.

 Intramural Supervisors
 Trevor Carlson
 ‌‌‌‌‌ Trevor is a senior from Owatonna, MN where he played soccer and ran track. An Actuarial Science major and a Computer Science minor, he is a three time Intramural Champion in Outdoor Soccer, Softball, and Floor Hockey. When not playing sports, Trevor loves to read fantasy and sci-fi novels and watch crime shows.
 Nirvan Dharampaul
 ‌‌‌ Nirvan is in his fourth year at Drake University and a native of Lakeville, MN. He is majoring in Health Sciences with a minor in Psychology. In his free time, his hobbes include: playing basketball, eating chicken, wearing flip-flops, sleeping, and listening to music. On campus you will generally see him walking to and from classes.
Arianna Johnson
 ‌‌‌ The majority of Arianna's adolescence was spent in Muskego, WI where she avidly attended Muskego High's sporting events and participated in two sports, seven clubs, and MHS musical. She is a Pharmacy major and an active member of the Kappa Psi professional fraternity. Her many talents include poorly singing to songs on the radio, moderately playing the ukelele, and painting quotes on canvas. You can expect to see her playing intramural volleyball and cheering for the Green Bay Packers.
Chris Higgins
 ‌‌‌ Before embarking on his voyage to Drake, Chris attended Norwalk High School in Norwalk, IA. Although his athletic ability to him is marginal at best, he somehow managed to play basketball, golf, and tennis on the school's teams. Chris is studying Actuarial Science and is planning on going into the field once his studies are complete. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to a variety of musicians, playing the saxophone, and cheering on his beloved Chicago sports teams.
Jamie Kennedy
 ‌‌‌ Jamie is a senior at Drake, majoring in Environmental Science. Originally from Downers Grove, IL, he enjoys reading, running, and drinking chocolate milk. Besides Intramurals, Jamie is involved with the Triathlon Club and the Curling Club. Embarking on his second year with the program, he is looking to continue to become a top official and supervisor.
Sam Klann
 ‌‌‌ Sam is a bright young man in his senior year studying Finance. A native of Elgin, IA, he was an avid athlete, playing three sports throughout his high school career. He first fell in love with sports when he received a set of golf clubs with pictures of Snoopy on them when he was 5. His time with the clubs gave him the experience and skill to win the 2013 Intramural Golf Championship, know to some as the "fifth major".  His favorite pastimes include reading non-fiction, officiating high school basketball, and enjoying the outdoors. Sam is rarely seen without a pair of Nike shoes on and he hopes to one day own a Nike business suit.
Madison Maring
 ‌‌‌ A Kansas native, Madison is a senior currently studying Health Sciences with an interest in pursuing optometry. She is the Vice President of the Club Volleyball team at Drake and has a love for all sports. She loves the color black and is a big fan of tacos and goats.
 Alex Smith

Alex is a P4 pharmacy major and is entering his sixth year with the intramural program.  Alex is from Springfield, MN where he was a three-sport athlete and won a state championship in basketball.  Outside of intramurals, you'll most likely see Alex working out or playing pick-up basketball in the bell center.  Alex's hobbies include: playing every sport, hunting, fishing, gaming, and listening to country music.

 Tyler Somen
 ‌‌‌ Tyler is a senior Acturual Science major from Windham, NH. He is a big fan of golfing, skiing, and tennis. When not at the Bell Center or on the courts, he can be seen rooting for the New York Jets and listening to rock and reggae music. He loves the challenge of being an official and is looking forward to another year in the program.
 Serena Swanson
 ‌‌‌ Serena is a native of Prior Lake, MN who is here studying International Business. A senior, she isn't far removed from her high school career as a soccer player and a competitive dancer. Now she is involved in Kappa Kappa Gamma, YoungLife, Intravarsity, and can be seen on campus throwing out a frisbee or hanging out in an eno. Of the entire Intramural program, she loves working outdoor soccer and floor hockey. She also enjoys Netflix, her friends, alpacas, and a good solid Chipotle burrito bowl.
 Julia Van Petten
 ‌‌‌ To be updated shortly!
Intramural Junior Supervisors
 Sam Bermke

Originally from Green Bay, WI, Sam is a freshman studying Actuarial Science here at Drake. Sam’s love of sports comes from running on his high school cross country and track teams. Sam is a member of Alpha Kappa Psi and sits on the Crawford Residence Hall Executive Council. In his free time, Sam enjoys running, and of course, cheering for the Green Bay Packers.

Zoe Kedrowski

Zoe is a sophomore kinesiology major and psychology minor from Minnetonka, Minnesota. As a kid, she participated in pretty much every sport possible, but narrowed it down to being a competitive gymnast her entire life, soccer, and softball. You will frequently see her participating on Alpha Delta Pi’s intramural teams, where she is the sorority’s intramural chair. She also coaches gymnastics in West Des Moines. In her spare time, she likes to binge watch the Office, drink Caribou Coffee, and jam out to throwback songs.

Mitch Kedzior

Mitch Kedzior is a sophomore from Cary, IL. He is studying digital media and production with a minor in musical theatre. When not in class, Mitch is very active in intramurals (current tennis double champion) and is a member of the a cappella group Fermata the Blue. You can always expect to see him running around being as involved as possible and cheering for his favorite Chicago sports teams. 

Craig Nielsen

Craig is an actuarial science major from Hastings, Minnesota. Craig is a sophomore who loves basketball, flag football, tennis, and more basketball. When Craig is not reffing, studying, or getting buckets, he loves to disc golf, play Super Smash Bros, cheer on the Vikings, and dominate in scrabble. Craig is still hungry for his first intramural title, but he feels that this is finally the year.