Employee Wellness

A Message from President Maxwell:

Drake University and its administration value your personal health and well being. The employee wellness program is dedicated to providing awareness, education, and support for healthy lifestyle habits. I encourage you to participate in the employee wellness program in whatever manner will help you to enhance your own health and well being. The healthier we all are, the better equipped we are to fulfill our responsibilities to our students, our families, and our communities (and to ourselves!).

– David Maxwell, Drake University President


Wellness Incentive Benefit Program

The Wellness Incentive Program is an opportunity to pay a lower rate for medical insurance by taking a proactive look at your health.  We hope that the services and information available will be valuable and rewarding to you in enhancing your healthy lifestyle habits. A summary of the Wellness Incentive Program is outlined below. If you have any questions after reviewing this material, please call the Wellness Center at 271-2027. 

Annual Health Screening

The annual health screening is offered to you at no cost. The screening plus a short online health risk assessment is all that is required to receive the reduced monthly insurance premium. The goal of the screening is to provide you an increased awareness about your health but is not meant to take the place of your annual physical exam. The screening includes a health risk assessment, blood lipid profile, glucose profile, blood pressure reading, body composition measurement, and a private consultation. Learn more.

Wellness Programs and Services

The Wellness Center offers a variety of individualized services as well as instructional programs. These programs and services are available to all employees regardless of Wellness Incentive Program participation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll? Complete and submit the blue wellness enrollment for to Human Resources during the Open Enrollment period.

How do I schedule my screening appointment? To schedule an on-campus screening you will use an online scheduling tool.  Screenings will be offered on various days of the weeks to accomodate your schedule.  You will also have the option to do your screening off campus at a participating Hy-Vee store during an elected period of time.

You will receive an email from the Wellness Center with scheduling information for both on-campus and off-campus screenings.

Who administers the screening?  Health professionals will take you through the screening components.  These professionals will conduct a private consultation immediately following the screening to review your test results, answer questions, and provide follow-up recommendations.

I am concerned about confidentiality, who will see my results? The screening is completely confidential.  The only person seeing your results will be you and the health care professional taking you through your screening.

Wellness Screening Information

The annual wellness screenings will be held in the fall 2015 semester. One month prior to the screening dates, information will be sent to all participants with the dates and times available. The screening appointment takes approximately 30 minutes. You will be scheduled at a date and time that is convenient for you. The screening results are completely confidential.  If you have any questions, please call Jana Peterson, Wellness Director at 271-2027.

Screening Components:

  1. Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
  2. Height and Weight Measurement
  3. Body Composition Measurement
  4. Blood Profile - lipids and glucose
  5. Personal Wellness Health Assessment

Screening Guidelines

(please follow these guidelines to receive the most accurate results from your screening)

  1. No food or beverages (except water) 12 hours prior to your appointment.
  2. Beginning 3 days prior to your appointment, drink at least 64 ounces of water.  Dehydration may affect your screening results.
  3. No heavy activity, caffeine, or alcohol consumption 12 hours prior to your screening appointment.
  4. Prescription medications should be taken as normal.
  5. NO smoking 30 minutes prior to the screening.


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