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Complete Withdrawal from the University

A student may submit a request to be withdrawn from the University at any time during a semester, up to and including the last day of class through MyDUSIS.  The withdrawal request should provide the reason for the withdrawal, which will be reviewed by the Dean of the college or school in which the student is enrolled.  

A request for withdrawal is NOT a drop/add procedure but a request to be dropped from ALL courses for the current or future term.  This includes dropping the last (or only) class.

This is a one-stop notification mechanism for the student.  A withdrawal request is automatically sent to the appropriate Dean’s office as well as Student Accounts, the Office of the Registrar, Student Financial Planning, Residence Life, Athletics, International Programs, and other pertinent offices. For questions, see Complete Withdrawal FAQS.


How to Request Withdrawal

Access the withdrawal request form in blueVIEW. ‌

  1. Log in to blueVIEW.
  2. Click the MyDUSIS icon in the upper right.  A new window opens.
  3. In the new window, click the Student Services & Financial Aid tab.
  4. Click the Withdrawal Request Form link.
  5. Follow the directions on the following pages and submit the form electronically. 


Upon approval by the school or college, the following actions, if applicable, will be performed by the University to complete the Withdrawal process:

Residence Hall Checkout

Students who reside in a Drake Residence Hall should plan to move from the hall within 48 hours following the complete withdrawal from all classes. Extensions to this move out time frame must be approved in advance by the Office of Residence Life.  A final statement from Student Accounts will not be available until Residence Hall Checkout is complete and a housing cancellation form has been submitted. Questions or concerns about checking out following a complete withdrawal should be directed to the Residence Life Office in the lower level of Olmsted (515-271-3781).

Meal Plan Adjustment 

A final statement from Student Accounts will not be available until the student’s meal plan has been adjusted by Sodexo Dining Services.  Sodexo Dining Services is located in the lower level of Olmsted and may be contacted at  or 515-271-3175 if you have questions. 

Financial Aid

Withdrawing from the University has financial aid implications.  Financial aid may need to be adjusted or funds may need to be returned.  Student Financial Planning is located on the main level of Carnegie Hall and may be contacted at or 515-271-2905. 

Student Accounts “Final Statement”     

A final statement from Student Accounts will be available after all necessary adjustments (student  account, financial aid, residence hall, and meal plan) have been received and reviewed.  Student Accounts is located in the lower level of Old Main and may be contacted  at or 515-271-2151.

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