DMACC Cross-Enrollment Procedures


1. Pre-registration Planning: Students who are interested in cross-enrolling should discuss their intentions with their advisor prior to registering for their Drake classes.

  • Students should ensure that the DMACC class will be applicable to their degree program.
  • Students should ensure that the DMACC class is available for cross-enrollment.  Click here to see the excluded list.
  • Students should review DMACC's start and end dates, deadlines, and policies. They might not be the same as those at Drake.
  • Cross-enrollment is not guaranteed, so students should have a back-up plan in case they cannot cross-enroll successfully.

2. Register for your courses at Drake: Before requesting to cross-enroll, students must be registered at Drake full-time (at least 12 hours, not including wait-listed courses).

3. Submit a Tuition Waiver: Once students are registered full-time at Drake for the semester in which they wish to cross-enroll, they should visit the Office of the Registrar at 104 Old Main to complete a cross-enrollment tuition waiver. This waiver does not guarantee the student's cross-enrollment. However, it does verify the student's eligibility to be delivered to DMACC to complete the cross-enrollment process. The waiver is the student's ticket to cross-enroll.

  • Students will not be allowed to complete a tuition waiver until they are registered full-time at Drake for the semester in which they wish to cross-enroll.
  • Students should be prepared to list the following information on the tuition waiver:
    • Subject
    • Course number
    • Course reference number (CRN)
  • Students should be prepared to list at least one alternate choice in case their first choice is unavailable.
  • DMACC publishes its own schedule of classes on its web site. When searching for a DMACC class, be sure you select the appropriate semester and check the start and end date of the class.

4. Be Patient

  • Drake will send the completed tuition waivers to DMACC. Only waivers that have provided valid subject, course number, and course reference number will be delivered.
  • DMACC will attempt to register each student individually for the course listed on the tuition waiver. Forms will be processed in the order in which they were submitted to Drake.
    • If the registration is successful, DMACC will email the student further instructions, including log-in information for DMACC's student information system.
    • If the registration is not successful (due to a class that is full, for example), DMACC will email the student with notification of unsuccessful registration.
  • Students whom DMACC could not accommodate may be allowed to declare an alternate choice without filing additional paperwork by contacting Office of the Registrar ( or 271-2025) in the Office of the Registrar. Drake and DMACC cannot guarantee that registration in alternate classes will be successful.
  • DMACC will continue this process until the 75-student limit is reached.
  • DMACC will attempt to register cross-enrollment candidates under the registration time frame for their 'New Liberal Arts and Guest Students'.

5. Follow-Up: Students are responsible for establishing and maintaining a connection with DMACC.

  • Students should retain their DMACC ID number, log-in information, email address, etc.
  • Students are responsible for obtaining the books and materials associated with the DMACC class.
  • Students are responsible for attending and participating in the DMACC class and abiding by all policies set forth by DMACC.

6. End-of-Term Wrap-Up: After final grades have been submitted, Drake and DMACC will automatically exchange official transcripts for the cross-enrolled students.

  • Cross-enrolled students will not need to submit a request to have their DMACC transcript sent to Drake. DMACC will send one copy to Drake automatically.
  • Students can check whether their DMACC credit has been posted to their Drake record by viewing their unofficial transcript.
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