While acting in an official capacity as an AmeriCorps Member, the Member is expected to:

a)     Complete all written documents/forms as required by AmeriCorps and the Site Supervisor

b)     Demonstrate respect toward others

c)     Follow directions of Program officials

d)     Direct concerns, problems, and suggestions to the appropriate Program official.

At no time may a Member:

a)     Engage in any activity that is illegal under local, state or federal law

b)     Engage in activities that pose a significant safety risk to others

c)     Engage in activities that violate Drake University’s ethical obligations to its clients, including the obligation to keep client information confidential.

While charging time to the AmeriCorps Program, accumulating service or training hours, or otherwise performing activities supported by the program or the Corporation for National and Community Service, the member may not engage in the following prohibited activities:

a)     Attempt to influence legislation;

b)     Organize or engage in protests, petitions, boycotts, or strikes;

c)     Assist, promote or deter union organizing;

d)     Impair existing contracts for services or collective bargaining agreements;

e)     Participate in, or endorse, events or activities which are likely to include advocacy for or against political parties, political platforms, political candidates, proposed legislation, or elected officials;

f)      Engage in religious instruction, conduct worship services, provide instruction as part of a Program that includes mandatory religious instruction or worship, construct or operate facilities devoted to religious instruction or worship, maintain facilities primarily or inherently devoted to religious instruction or worship; or engage in any form of religious proselytization;

g)     Provide a direct benefit to a for-profit entity, labor union, partisan political organization, an organization engaged in the religious activities described in the preceding subclause;

h)     Any other activities as the Corporation determines will be prohibited, upon notice to Drake University;

i)      Engage in partisan political activities or other activities designed to influence the outcome of an election to any public office.

j)      Provide support to a non-profit entity that fails to comply with restrictions related to 501(c)(3) status

k)     Assist in voter registration drives;

l)      Raise funds for his/her living allowance or for an organization’s general operating expenses or endowment;

m)   Write grant applications for CNCS grants, including AmeriCorps grants;

n)     Write grant applications for funding provided by other federal agencies;

  • o)     Provide abortion referrals or services.

p)     Recruiting volunteers to perform prohibited activities or distributing materials related to prohibited activities (i.e. Activities in support of the Prohibited Activities are not allowed. For example, it is not allowable for an AmeriCorps member to recruit community volunteers to perform a prohibited activity, such as voter registration drives, nor is it allowable for an AmeriCorps member to distribute materials related to a prohibited activity, such as registration information for religious instruction.)

AmeriCorps members may raise resources directly in support of your program’s service activities. Examples of fundraising activities AmeriCorps members may perform include, but are not limited to, the following:

a)     Seeking donations of books from companies and individuals for a program in which volunteers teach children to read;

b)     Writing a grant proposal to a foundation to secure resources to support the training of volunteers;

c)     Securing supplies and equipment from the community to enable volunteers to help build houses for low-income individuals;

d)     Securing financial resources from the community to assist in launching or expanding a program that provides social services to the members of the community and is delivered, in whole or in part, through the members of a community-based organization;

e)     Seeking donations from alumni of the program for specific service projects being performed by current members.

The Member understands the following acts will also constitute a violation of the Program’s expectations of behavior:

a)     Unauthorized tardiness;

b)     Unauthorized absences (Members may be excused for illness, but they are still required to notify their supervisor as soon as possible before their scheduled hours. If a Member is absent because of illness for three consecutive days, a written excuse from a Medical Doctor will be required. Members will get prior written authorization from the site supervisor for non-medical excused absences). If a member is absent for three consecutive days without notice or good cause, such absence may be grounds for termination;

c)     Failure to complete time sheets for each month by the given deadline;

d)     Repeated use of inappropriate language at a service site;

e)     Failure to identify yourself as an AmeriCorps member at site;

f)      Stealing or lying;

g)     Engaging in activity that may physically or emotionally damage other Members of the Program or the community;

h)     Possessing or using any illegal drugs during the term of service;

i)      Consuming alcoholic beverages during the performance of service activities;

j)      Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the performance of service activities;

k)     Failure to notify the Program (within five days of the event) of any criminal arrest or conviction that occurs during the term of service.

The Member acknowledges that the offer DRAKE UNIVERSITY made to him/her to serve as an AmeriCorps member was contingent upon DRAKE UNIVERSITY finding the Member suitable for this Program, based on the Program’s review of the Member’s criminal history, as described in “How Drake University Evaluates Criminal Background Checks for AmeriCorps Members,” which the Member received during the application process. The member also acknowledges they provided DRAKE UNIVERSITY with all information and/or documents it needed to conduct the background checks, including signing the “Acknowledgment of AmeriCorps Community Health Coaches Project Criminal Background Check.”

If the Member fails to meet expectations of behavior described above, the Program will proceed with the following steps:

a)     For the Member’s first incident, an appropriate Program official will issue a verbal warning and document it for the Member’s file;

b)     For the Member’s second incident, an appropriate Program official will issue a written letter of warning to the Member and provide a copy for the Member’s file.

c)     For the Member’s third incident, the Member may be suspended for one or more days, meaning service hours are not eligible on those days;

d)     For the Member’s fourth incident, the Program may release the Member for cause.

The Program reserves the right to immediately release the Member, without proceeding through the aforementioned incident procedure, for cause if, in the judgment of the Program Manager, his/her conduct undermines the effectiveness of the Program or the project to which he/she is assigned. 

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