Roles & Responsibilities

The follow is a list of responsibilities by each party involved in the AmeriCorps Community Health Program. A formal Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) must be signed by both parties prior to the placement of an AmeriCorps member.

Drake University Responsibilities

  • Distribute and collect Host Site MOA between Healthiest State Initiative and each host site
  • Collect cost-share payment from each host site
  • Provide AmeriCorps members with health benefits, housing benefits and process distribution of living allowance
  • Oversee recruitment, interview, selection, and placement of AmeriCorps members, in partnership with Host Site
  • Provide orientation and continuous training for AmeriCorps Members
  • Provide on-site support and technical assistance, as necessary
  • Assess program and member progress towards objectives
  • Provide opportunities for member professional development
  • Oversee evaluation and quality assurance in meeting Healthiest State Initiative and AmeriCorps objectives
  • Provide member and supervisor support
  • Oversee grievance procedures, if necessary
  • Reimbursement of mileage for travel required for Drake AmeriCorps Program sponsored events

Host Site Responsibilities

  • Provide cost-share cash match of $8,900 prior to the start of the AmeriCorps Member
  • Complete Host Site MOA within one week of award selection
  • Reimbursement of member travel to Healthiest State Initiative annual conference
  • Provide daily supervision of the member by a designated site supervisor
  • Provide office space and materials (including phone, fax, computer, email, etc.) for AmeriCorps Member Roles and Responsibilities 2 Site Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Participate in “Preparing for an AmeriCorps Member/Selection “webinar and half-day supervisor orientation
  • Provide Fingerprints for FBI Background Check for all Direct Supervisors new to Drake AmeriCorps Program.
  • Orient, train, and introduce AmeriCorps Member to the community
  • Serve as an advocate and liaison to host site and AmeriCorps program, when appropriate
  • Document in-kind contributions, including hours of supervision
  • Assist members in completing reports, evaluations, timesheets, and other required documentation in a thorough and timely manner
  • Support the member’s attendance at AmeriCorps trainings, professional development, and AmeriCorps service events. Provide time in member’s work plan to complete all service-related paperwork and Healthiest State Initiative goals.
  • Communicate in a timely manner with AmeriCorps about any problems or concerns about the member, should any significant issues arise

Member Responsibiliites

  • Attend the AmeriCorps Community Health Coaches Program orientation and trainings as required
  • Complete and submit monthly reports in a timely manner
  • Serve as a liaison between the local community and Healthiest State Initiative
  • Implement specific programs in community, schools, and workplaces in order to decrease levels of obesity.
    • Research possible policy changes communities can make to improve walkability, conduct walking school bus route assessments and provide educational presentations about Safe Routes to School
    • Research possible policy/procedure changes schools and workplaces can make to reorganize lunch areas or cafeterias to a Smarter Lunchroom model, conduct smarter lunchroom assessments and provide educational presentations about Smarter Lunchroom
    • Provide educational presentations to community members on Complete Streets programming
  • Implement specific programs in workplaces in order to decrease tobacco use and increase morale
    • Educate workplaces on ways to implement Tobacco Free policies.
    • Delivering a training (called TEAM Training) focused on improving interpersonal skills among employees and staff in order to reduce workplace stress.
  • Develop and design effective communications and marketing materials to be used in public presentations
  • Deliver public presentations and education workshops regarding Healthiest State Initiative goals
  • Develop relationships with local leaders in order to advance the Healthiest State Initiative
  • Communicate in a professional manner with local leaders
  • Recruit 10 volunteers to assist with member activities
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