Iowa Shares 2017

Founded in 1992, Iowa Shares is a coalition of social change, environmental, healthcare and cultural nonprofits throughout Iowa that directly impact our local communities through education, advocacy and direct service.

This year, you may pledge to Iowa Shares online using iPledge.  To do so:

Go to

Follow the instructions to register an account with a login name and password.

Follow the instructions on subsequent pages to add your contact information, select donation and payment options, enter donation amount, and whether you wish to designate your donation to specific organizations.

List of Iowa Shares Member Non-Profits Serving Central Iowa

Amnesty International of Iowa works through education and advocacy to secure the principles of human rights espoused in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with local chapters in Des Moines, Ames and Cedar Rapids.

Animal Lifeline of Iowa is Central Iowa’s only special needs, no-kill animal shelter.  ALI rescues and rehabilitates injured, handicapped, abused and sick cats and dogs, pregnant and nursing moms and orphans; then adopts them into loving forever homes. Animals are not euthanized because they have been at the shelter for a certain length of time. 

Equality Iowa works to secure equality for all Iowan and Iowa’s LGBTQ communities.

Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility works to prevent climate change, nuclear war and proliferation, and toxic degradation of the environment.

Iowa United Nations Association works to provide educational programming on world issues such as global health, human rights and the environment, raise support for UN humanitarian campaigns such as UNICEF and Nothing but Nets, mentor college students, and hold Model UN groups.

I-RENEW is dedicated to the production and use of diverse technologies, including wind, solar, biofuels and biomass.

Trees Forever promotes the importance of natural areas and stewardship, empowering communities and planting trees, shrubs and native grasses.


Complete list of Iowa Shares member organizations:

Donors may elect either to support one or more of our individual member organizations or to contribute to the Iowa Shares network.  If you select the network, your donation will be shared among all of our members.

Your gift, no matter the size, will make it possible for our members to protect children, families, animals, and the environment, improve the health and nutrition of at-risk citizens, strengthen human rights and promote the arts and reading.