Mini Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the following individuals and organizations who have received Mini Grants in 2016-2017. Read more about their work by clicking the links.

Anisa Fornoff's FYS 038 class partnered with Ruby Van Meter, a school for students with intellectual disabilities 

Emily Newman's beginning drawing class partnered with Iowa Homeless Youth Centers to collaborate on a large-scale drawing 

Matthew Thornton's MCL 203 class partnered with YMCA Supportive Housing, who proposed, conducted, analyzed, and presented research to help the organization solve its communication challenges.

Lenore Metrick-Chen's Art 112 class worked with ArtForce students to help them learn more about art and create an exhibition. Drake students interviewed individuals at ArtForce and created a podcast. 

Kelly Bruhn's Master of Communication Leadership Capstone class conducted original research at the YMCA supportive Housing Campus to develop recommendations to increase awareness, donors, and volunteers. 

Olson Match Grant

The Drake Community Press under the leadership of Professor Carol Spaulding-Kruse received a $500 Olson Match Grant to support a J-Term course that worked to market and promote its current book project on diverse faith communities that represent six major world religions in Central Iowa. The book, A Spectrum of Faith: Religions of the World in America's Heartland, came out in April 2017 and has engaged a number of class projects.

Co-Curricular Mini Grants

The Des Moines Student Healthcare Partnership partnered with CISS (Central Iowa Shelter and Services) to learn about the challenges people experiencing homelessness face in terms of receiving healthcare and how healthcare professionals can be agents of change. They also served a meal at CISS.