Policies, Requests, and Risk Management

Here you will find information related to policies, requests, and risk management related to community engaged learning projects.

Student Risk Management
All students participating in a community-based learning experience need to submit an Experiential Learning Agreement & Waiver prior to the start of their project

All service-learning or community-based field trips need to have a Trip Form and Trip Roster on file with the Drake Insurance Office. For full details regarding university travel risk management processes please visit the Drake Insurance Office website.

Community Partner Risk Management
Agencies that host Drake students on a regular / on-going basis should submit an Experiential Learning Host Agency Agreement along with a copy of their Certificate of Insurance.

Donation Requests 

Reserving Rooms or Space 
To reserve rooms or space for an event please contact roomreservations@drake.edu. For more information about the room rental guidelines for Olmsted Center and Levitt Hall please see the Room Reservation Policy.

Community Service Leave Policy
The Drake University Community Service Leave (CSL) Policy allows non-bargaining, *non-grant funded staff employees to voluntarily participate, with pay, in community service activities that occur during regularly scheduled work hours, with manager approval. Full time staff employees may receive up to eight (8) hours of paid time to engage in community service each fiscal year. Requests for leave must be made in writing using the Community Service Leave Request Form.

Statement of Limitation

Once a community engagement experience, sponsorship event, or service-learning opportunity is approved, Drake University will make every effort to meet the needs of the project. Community Engagement is part of the fabric of Drake University as shown in our mission, strategic plan, and values. Over 80% of our students have a community service or service-learning experience by the time they graduate and approximately, 70% of our faculty and staff are engaged in the local community through serving on boards, actively volunteering with a community organization, or supporting different professional development associations.  However, Drake University cannot guarantee the availability of volunteers for your activity. The Drake University faculty, staff, or students must register an interest in your activity before your need can be filled. Employee participation is subject to a manager's approval and personal availability. Drake University participation in community events is dependent on availability of faculty, staff, and students and the University's Academic Calendar. Organizations interested in connecting with Drake University should fill out a community partner contact form