Engaged Citizen Corps

Are you interested in service and social justice? Do you want to build your resume and form professional connections? Do you want to get to know the Des Moines community? 

If you answered yes, check out the Engaged Citizen Corps, which allows for all of these opportunities through an enriching experience with a tight-knit group of people. 

Drake University's Engaged Citizen Corps is an intentionally designed curriculum and service-learning internship experience for entering first year students that exposes members to issues of social justice while providing them hands on experience to impact the Des Moines community. Members dedicate themselves not only to weekly service-learning hours with a non-profit in the community but to making connections between their community experiences and academic pursuits. The service is directly integrated into the assignments and activities of 3 courses plus a year-long seminar (11 credits total) and still allows students the opportunity to take other courses toward the pursuit of their major. Service sites represent agencies working across multiple areas of economic and community development for example affordable housing, transportation and bikability, health and safety, business cultivation, and arts and culture. 

The 2018-2019 student application is now available: Apply today!  

ECC Agency Application 2018 will be accepted on a rolling basis, with an early priority deadline of March 1, 2018. 

Student Requirements

Worried about time commitment? Take a look at how the hours break down.

Sample course sequence

Fall Jterm Spring
FYS: The Common Good*

Information Literacy*
(online course)**
Engaged Citizen AOI*
ECC Seminar (1 credit)   ECC Seminar (1 credit)
3-4 Exploratory Courses for AOI or major courses   3-4 Exploratory Courses for AOI or major courses
8-10/hrs week service    8-10/hrs week service 

*fulfill related AOI requirements **Engaged Citizen Corps members have been pre-approved to register for the J-term Info Lit course, allowing for 3 additional credits to be taken in the fall or spring semester 


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. You can also contact Renee Sedlacek at (515) 271-2454 or email renee.sedlacek@drake.edu or Amanda Martin at (515)-271-2767 or email amanda.martin@drake.edu. 

*Information subject to change. Program is dependent on receiving funding.

This program was selected as the winner for the national Service + Higher Ed Innovation Challenge in 2015. Challenge and funding was made possible by National Conference on CitizenshipThe Aspen Institute Franklin Project and Lumina Foundation. The 2017-2018 program will be funded in part by AmeriCorps.