How do I become an Engaged Citizen Corps member?

 Application Information/Deadlines 

Any admitted student with an interest in the Engaged Citizen Corps is encouraged to apply. Please complete all application components by March 1, 2018. Apply at

Important Dates


In addition to completing the application, you should ask two people from outside your family who are familiar with your qualities and service/academic activities that align with the Engaged Citizen Corps Program, to serve as a reference for you.

Contact the person you have in mind, make sure he or she knows that you are listing them as a reference and that they may receive a phone call from the ECC selection committee. Make sure you have their name, email address and phone number so you can submit it at the end of the application.

Open Ended Questions that will be asked on the application

  1. Why do you want to participate in the Engaged Citizen Corps program? What do you hope to gain? How will participation in the Engaged Citizen Corps be beneficial to your educational and/or professional goals?‚Äč

  2. In the following grid, please list up to 3-5 service, leadership and community activities in which you have been involved and/or the family and work responsibilities you have had during the past four years. If you have more than 5 please narrow to the ones that best represented your interest in service, leadership and community. Please include the name of the organization, approximate dates of involvement, a description of the project or what you accomplished and # of hours served.

  3. Please discuss how your involvement in your community has influenced you, contributed to your development as a person, and how your activities have created positive change in the world.

  4. What social issue are you most passionate about? Put another way, when you watch or read the news or simply live your life, what issue grabs your attention and you can't help but feel compelled to act? Why? Have you been able to positively impact this issue? How? Do you plan to continue addressing the issue while you are in college?

  5. Engaged Citizen Corps members will take several courses as a cohort and live together in one of the Drake University residence halls. Creating a sense of community and team environment will be vital to the success of the program. What role do you typically play on a team or when doing group work?  What special talents and strengths do you possess? How will you use your strengths and talents to the benefit of the Engaged Citizen Corps program?  

  6. How do you keep yourself organized on a daily basis? What time management tools have you found helpful? Please describe how you have managed your time during your high school career and how you intend to transfer that experience into your first year at Drake as an Engaged Citizen Corps member?

  7. The Engaged Citizen Corps is built around a small team of students working together in service and personal growth. We anticipate receiving numerous applications for limited positions. What will you uniquely bring to the community that makes you stand out from others? In other words, why should we choose you?