Hours Breakdown

Engaged Citizen Corps, how will you have the time?

You only have 168 hours in a week, and you might be asking yourself, how do I fit it all in? On average, first year students take 12-15 credit hours/semester (4-5 classes, one class is typically 3 credits).  For every credit hour it is anticipated that you will spend 1 hour in class and 2 hours outside of class on assignments & homework.  Assume you are taking 12 credits, or in other words 4 classes/semester, we anticipate you'll spend approxiately 36 hours week on academics (4 classes x 9 hours = 36 hours/week) between going to class and doing homework.

  • Sleeping 8 hrs/day x 7 days =  56 hrs/week
  • Personal (showers, hair, etc.) 1 hrs/day x 7 days = 7 hrs/week
  • Eating (including prep & clean-up) 2.5 hrs/day x 7 days = 17.5 hrs/week
  • Classes and Labs 12 hrs/week
  • Study Time 24 hrs/week
  • Travel to/from service site 3 hrs/week
  • Engaged Citizen Corps Service 15 hrs/week
  • Exercise 3 hrs/week

After accounting for the above activities you still have 30 hours left for other activities such as leisure time (TV/internet), hanging out with friends/family, errands/laundry, student clubs & organizations!




FYS: The Common Good*
(Mon & Wed 8am-9:15am)

Information Literacy*
(online course)

Engaged Citizen Experience Course*

Written Communication*


Internship (3 credits)

2-3 Exploratory / Major Courses


2-3 Exploratory / Major Courses

10-15/hrs week service


15/hrs week service

For specifics on how Engaged Citizen Corps will work with your anticipated major please consult with your department's advisor or contact renee.sedlacek@drake.edu. 

University News
October 20, 2016
The Comparison Project will present the third event in its 2016–2017 series on death and dying. A community interfaith dialogue on Oct. 27 will feature representatives of three different refugee religions in Des Moines.